Woolnor Socks

Imagine no more pulling on socks and having a toe poke out through a hole or seeing socks with the heel worn through. Woolnor is the new performance socks, whether for Outdoor activities or every day wear.

Woolnor Socks as the name suggests, are hand weaving, super comfortable footwear that is designed to last a lifetime. We are so confident that they will handle wherever your feet take them. Each and every pairs come with a lifetime warranty.

Wool used in making Woolnor Socks is sourced from ethically raised sheep. Woolnors are made of the finest Italian Merino wool yarn with state of the art equipment abiding by the highest quality standards.

Benefits of Woolnor Socks are;

  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Thermolite
  • Made with high quality fire merino wool
  • Anti-shrink when washed with warm water
  • Unique mesh venting for optimum moisture management
  • Arrow arch supportĀ 
  • Superfine Cushioning
  • Machine Washable

The Naturetex plasma treatment given to each sock make them naturally antibacterial and thermolite. They are suitable for summer runs, winter walks, all year round hikes and every day wear. Whatever you are doing, Woolnor Socks are environmental friendly that last a life time and give lasting comfort.