Why Should You Stop Wearing Luxury Jewel?

If you are a bit sensitive to the environmental issues of the planet, you have already noticed that we are facing a lot of problems in the world. One of these problems is the lack of primary resources and overconsumption of unnecessary objects.

On the other hand, no one can say that we need to stop consuming everyday objects. And actually fashion, clothing, apparel and jewelry are all in this case. We cannot stop to use these products but we all have to become responsible about the environment topic.

Actually jewelry is a tricky subject, as it uses primary resources and sometimes, the really behind the origin of these materials is pretty dark.

What is the usual composition of jewelry items?

If you have already gone inside a jewelry store, you have probably noticed that the prices are very high, and the security measures are extremely sophisticated.

That is for a super simple reason : these jewels are made with gold, silver and other expensive and polluting materials.

What can we do to face this problem?

There is one super alternative for this problem : Avocado Clothing Store © (ACS).

What is it? Well, ACS is a brand specialized in avocado keychains, guacamole accessories and other jewelry in all kinds. As well as clothing, costumes and many others!

You must go check out the jewelry collection: there are keychains, hats and avocado necklaces!

Why is that alternative better?

Well, first of all, the avocado design will make everyone remember to eat vegetables, fruits and less meat, and this is a good step in the healthy future.

But actually, the main effect on the environment is that these necklaces are made with respect to the environment materials such as zinc, copper, clay or even recyclable plastic sometimes!

Be sure to go check these jewels out before it’s too late!

Now you know why usual jewelry is bad and what to do about that!