Why is Sunscreen Important For a Tattoo?

If you go out of your house everyday and that too very often during the day, then you need to be extra careful when taking care of your tattoo. Why is it so? This is because you can’t expose your tattoo too much under the sun during the initial days of getting inked. Direct sunlight on the tattoo does more harm than good and can contribute to the fading of your tattoo in the long run. You must keep it protected from the sunlight at all costs. This is where the importance of sunscreen can be felt.

Take a look at why sunscreen is important for your tattoo and some more aspects regarding it.

Why Should You Use Tattoo Sunscreen?

The sun gives out two different kinds of UV rays which are the UVA and UVB. Both these sun rays do different things to the skin. They can cause serious damage to the tattoo. The use of a good tattoo sunscreen can keep away the UVA and UVB rays from the skin and prevent any serious problems. Read how these two rays can affect the skin and your tattoo –

UVA Rays – UVA rays can actually penetrate your skin and go deeper than the UVB rays. That is why they can cause long-lasting damage which can cause wrinkles, rashes, premature aging of the skin and many other problems. UVA can also fade the tattoo ink, especially the light colored ones. So, if you have a colorful tattoo, it is essential you use a tattoo sunscreen and protect it from UVA rays.

UVB Rays – UVB Rays cannot penetrate as deep as the UVA rays but affect the top most layers of the skin. They are mostly responsible for sunburns. However, that can damage your skin in a serious manner as well. If your tattoo is new, a sunburn can cause the ink to fade away quickly. Tattoos which get a sunburn take a longer time to heal over the course of time. Serious exposure to UVB rays can lead to rashes, itchiness and redness of the skin also.

So, you can see why it is crucial to use a tattoo sunscreen when you have just got yourself inked and want to go out under the sunshine.

Which Tattoo Sunscreen Is The Best?

A good quality sunscreen is more than enough to keep your tattoo protected from the sun. You can avoid spending too much money over sunscreens which are labeled as “specifically made for tattoos”. A good quality sunscreen that is made of premium ingredients can easily be applied over the tattoo and other areas. Choose a reputable and reliable brand which has good reviews from the customers. But, make sure that the sunscreen has a SPF of 30. This ensures that the product is well capable of protecting the tattoo from the sun’s UV rays.

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