Why Class Rings Are The Jewelry Trend Making An Adult Comeback

Consider class rings if you’re looking for a jewelry trend entirely out of the ordinary. These versatile and flexible rings are an excellent alternative to traditional ones, and they are also hypoallergenic. Read on for more reasons to give them a try. This article explores some of the collegiate jewelry, bracelets & pendants at Jostens.

Class rings are a departure from traditional rings

In 2011, Michelle Obama wore a ring that caught the attention of numerous notable guests at a banquet hosted by President Obama. The trend has since spread to China, which has a long history of gold jewelry design. While many can’t afford the time-consuming traditional craftsmanship, mainland China’s growing luxury market encourages artists to use these time-honored methods.

They’re flexible

The popularity of class rings has reached new heights. These rings are not your typical rings – they are made up of flat intertwined links that move with the movement of your finger. People with medical conditions will appreciate the flexibility of these rings since they will adapt to the size of your finger. You don’t have to worry about your ring breaking or losing its shape, as these rings are comfortable to wear and quite flexible.

They’re textured

With the rise of virtual high schools and college campuses, class rings make a comeback as a timeless and sentimental gift. Now available in chunkier silhouettes, these rings are making a big comeback, but why are they making a comeback as an adult? The answer lies in their more profound sentimental value. Rather than the typical gold ring with tiny diamonds, these rings are more personal and expressive and can add an extra pop to an otherwise boring ring.

A textured paperclip necklace will do the trick if you’re searching for a simple, everyday piece. These versatile accessories can be layered with other pieces, such as earrings. Another jewelry trend making an adult comeback is the textured hoop, available in nine different textures, including rose gold. And if you want to go all out and be a total fashion statement, a textured gold choker will make a dramatic statement. And for a more sophisticated look, there’s the Gorjana chain necklace, which features a trio of textured coins at the center. This necklace is adjustable and a great accessory for everyday wear and layering.

They’re hypoallergenic

If you’re concerned about your ring’s potential to cause allergies, you should consider having it tested. The test is simple and can help you avoid ring alloys that may irritate. For example, nickel, a common component of ring alloys, should be avoided. You may also consider opting for hypoallergenic class rings to keep you from the hassles of wearing jewelry that doesn’t fit your preferences.

They’re eco-friendly

You might have gotten a class ring if you’re in high school or college. They are a great way to commemorate your class, and while you don’t have to go to school in person to participate in the trend, it still holds a special sentimental value for the wearer. This trend is gaining popularity because of its high chunky silhouette and more profound sentimental value.

The responsible jewelry movement is growing rapidly, thanks to non-governmental organizations such as the Responsible Jewellery Council and Brilliant Earth. This group has worked to boost the prices of gold by advertising that it is made of recycled metals. Some of these recycled metals can help fund current conflicts in Africa. Similarly, the Responsible Jewelry Council has been an essential member of the environmental justice watchdogs.

They’re affordable

If class rings are the most expensive trend on the market, it’s probably because of the high price tag. You could only get a class ring for your graduating year a few years ago. But that was before the rise of the chunkier ring silhouettes. Today, class rings have many more designs and options. Even more, they can be customized to reflect your personality. That means they can be the perfect gift for someone just beginning their adult life.

The price tag on a class ring can make it an expensive piece of jewelry, but a cheap and incredibly chic version can be found for much less. This trend is also becoming more affordable, thanks to entry-level brands like Mejuri and Catbird. The best part? It goes with everything. Charm bracelets and pendant necklaces are supposed to be big in 2020, but they aren’t likely to die soon. The early aughts trend is here to stay.