Why choose Moissanite over Diamonds for Fine Jewellery?


Diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings and vice versa. Diamonds have excellent brilliance, complete organic nature, a naturally occurring element that has the highest strength in the world, and are one of the most beautiful looking elements in the world. 

But diamonds are not for everyone. They are expensive and cannot be fit into custom-made designs that require extreme precision. Couples who are looking to experiment with natural gemstones. Couples who are not interested in spending a large amount of money on diamond rings can certainly find some relief in Moissanite. 

Moissanite solitaire rings are one of the biggest opportunities for such couples. Moissanite is a look-alike diamond and shares a very unique range of characteristics with diamonds. This includes Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Strength. This makes Moissanite Engagement rings a clear choice for those who are looking for a diamond alternative. 

Moissanite and its Features

Moissanite was first discovered by a French Geologist called Henry Moissanite in the early 19th century. It was a shiny, crystalline bright element that had a vivid refraction index and brilliant features. 

Moissanite was used as an alternative to diamonds for jewelry and was widely famous for its uncanny resemblance to diamonds. But the natural moissanite was soon run out and therefore chemists started making Moissanites in the lab using their original composition and state. 

Man-made moissanite is the highest-selling artificial gemstone currently with the best features of a diamond and with an uncanny resemblance to diamonds as such. Moissanite solitaire rings are one of the most preferred pieces of jewelry purchased by young couples to celebrate engagements and weddings. 

Moissanite has an excellent cut that does not crack or flake, brilliance that is similar to diamonds, clarity that equals diamonds, and color that can be customized to look like original diamond jewelry. They are also measured similarly to actual diamonds in terms of carats. 

Moissanite Jewellery

Moissanite jewelry is for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option but with no compromise on the quality and appearance of the gemstone. Moissanites have a beautiful look and feel factor and can be extremely difficult to differentiate from original diamonds. Once they are cut and designed into actual jewelry such as necklaces, pendants, and rings or earrings, they can look exactly like diamonds and can be very hard to differentiate. You can also read 7 step to buy diamond ring online.

There are some extremely rare qualities of moissanite that are just like diamonds which make them worthy of the customers’ money and interest. Below are these features:

  • Can be Custom Cut

Moissanites can be cut into any shape just like standard diamonds such as Princess cut, Emerald Cut, Oval Cut, Cushion Cut, etc. This helps jewelers to make exquisite wedding rings from moissanite for interested collectors. 

  • Brilliance like Diamonds

Moissanite is very brilliant with a slightly less but a considerable refractive quality than that of diamonds. Good quality moissanite has clear textures and is almost as clear as real diamonds. They might have a small whitish texture and are not as shiny with the ‘fire’ as that of diamonds but they are hard to tell when they are cut and polished and used in fine jewelry.

  • Strength

Diamonds have the highest strength on the Mohs Hardness scale followed by the Moissanite gem, the only two elements that have a comparable strength in the entire world making them extremely useful as everyday jewelry for young men and women.