Who Can Benefit From Ankle Carry?

While strong side hip carry is the most common method used to conceal firearms, this position is not always possible if you need tuck in your shirt or wear tight clothing. This can especially be a problem for women who like to wear thin or fashionable clothes or need to wear a dress for a special occasion. Another commonly used concealed carry weapon position is ankle carry. While there are some cons to this method, there are certain situations where an individual can benefit from using concealed carry ankle holsters.

When Wearing a Long Dress

While ankle carry won’t work with shorter dresses that reveal the ankle, it can be an option for dresses long enough to cover the firearm. When wearing a dress, hip or abdomen carry are often not an option since these areas are not easily accessible. Most dresses are also tight-fitting around these areas. Thigh carry is a good idea for shorter dresses, but it can be difficult to quickly reach up that high in a long dress when in an emergency situation. Bra carry is another possible carry method depending on the cut of the dress.

When Carrying a Backup Weapon

One of the most popular uses of ankle holsters is to carry a backup weapon, most often a pistol. Police officers often ankle carry for this very reason. If in a situation where you are seated or crouched over, you may be able to grab this secondary weapon more quickly than a weapon carried on your hip. Also, you won’t need to worry about being left defenseless if for any reason your primary weapon is unusable.

Potential Cons of Ankle Carry

It is often not recommended to use ankle carry on its own. If in a standing position, it can leave you vulnerable if you need to bend over to grab your gun. It also takes significantly longer to reach your ankle than to reach your hip.