Where can I buy plants online in Singapore?

Indoor potted plant

During the coronavirus pandemic, people were asked to stay at home, except for leaving the house for important things. While at home, many have tried new hobbies; one of them is gardening. These days, plants’ function has shifted, not only as an air conditioner and filter but as a form of home accessory. Plants can decorate bedrooms, terraces, kitchens, to bathrooms and turn the areas into a more comfortable and relaxing space.

Not only daily necessities and fashion products, but plants can also be purchased online at almost all marketplaces in Singapore. Because of that, you don’t have to leave the house to buy plants; you can use plant delivery Singapore. Buying it online is the most practical and safe way, even though it costs a little expensive. There is a good deal of online stores that will do plant delivery for you. Here are some for you to check out:

Herbs plant

  • Candy Floriculture

From succulents to live Christmas trees, Candy Floriculture is ready to deliver your favorite plants. If you are a newbie to gardening, they also provide planting media and fertilizer. They receive special requests if you want to buy imported trees, such as Olive Tree. They don’t have minimal order for plant delivery, and it only costs you $10 for a delivery fee! With wide selections of plants, Candy Floriculture is there for you to embark on gardening adventures.

  • The Garden Store

Do you want to grow an edible herb that heals? Or do you want to collect various kinds of cactus and succulent plants?  The best place for you to shop your gardening products and accessories is here. Starting from $2.90, you can get mini cactus and succulents to decorate your table, to $188 ginseng bonsai to beautify your garden. With a $25 delivery fee, they are ready to send your plants to your main door.

  • Far East Flora Garden

With a range of plants available in the store, you can easily browse your favorite plants and pots. Not only sun-loving plants, but they also sell decorative plants for your table, home, and office. Not confident enough to grow your garden? Don’t worry; they sell water indicators with a self-watering system to provide the right amount of water; even with a busy schedule, your plants won’t die! Pay $35 for the delivery fee, and the plants are ready to beautify your home.

  • Potta Planta

Apart from the offline store, Potta Planta online store is there for you if you can’t go out of the home. They have a wide range of indoor plants with low to bright light conditions. They are providing beautiful handcrafted pots and plants for your plant-loving heart to beautify your living spaces with an aesthetic liking. In collaboration with an artisan from South East Asia, your handicraft pots will For orders above $150, you will get a free delivery fee; if not, you only have to pay $15.

Indoor plants

  • Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island offers a wide variety of rare and common succulents for you who wants to be a collector. They also provide a range of plants such as Monstera Variegata, pet-friendly plants, herbs and fruits, dried cuts, plants, and flowers for home decoration. The delivery cost for online orders ranges between $10-$30 depends on the plant’s size and date of delivery.

  • Noah Garden Centre

They only charge you with a $6 flat delivery rate at Noah Garden Center with only minimal spending of $20. You can shop your plants, pots and accessories, gardening supplies, and artificial plants starting from $2.70 for Money plant to $588 for Anthurium Superbum. Just drop by and browse what you are looking for!

  • House of Plants

The House of Plants promised you that you would receive the same plant in the photo and freshly picked from their greenhouse. There are many collections of plants indoors and outdoors, such as Monstera and Philodendrons. With only a delivery rate per order of $10 and free delivery for orders above $99, they are ready to deliver your plants. To get the best experience, you can visit their Punggol Greenhouse for more varieties.

Those are the stores that provide plant delivery in Singapore that you can consider. However, in buying plants online, some things must be regarded to arrive home safely. Here are the tips for you:

Green plant

  • Read the customer reviews

Look for marketplaces that you trust and read the reviews in detail. If the reviews are not good, this is an important consideration. The opinions of other customers are critical to reading because plant delivery has to be more careful. Buying plants on the marketplace are also 100% guaranteed safe because the buying and selling system uses the Escrow method. It means money will be given to the seller after the plant is received by the buyer or after the buyer confirms the acceptance of the plant.

  • Read the description in detail

The pictures of plants online are usually not the ones they send to us. Therefore, read the description in detail, whether the plants shipped with pots and soil, the plants’ size, or the plants shipped with roots or just cuttings. Reading the seller’s policies will prevent the wrong purchase.

  • Consider packing and shipping options

Pay attention to the plant species you are going to buy. Make sure to choose the fastest shipping option if the plants wither or die quickly, such as ornamental flowers and non-woody plants. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller for more soil, anti-stress medication for the plant, and additional cardboard or wood packing.

  • Quarantine your plants

The proper way to quarantine your plants after they arrive from shipment is to plant them using fertile garden soil, water them sufficiently, and place them not exposed to direct sunlight for approximately 5-7 days. That way, the plant will slowly readjust itself to the new temperature, soil, and location. If the leaves return to green and face upwards entirely within seven days, they can be put under direct sun or stay in a shady place depending on the plant species.