What Should You Put on Your Pet’s ID Tag? Shopping

Whether your pet is a lazy, fluffy kitty, a yappy pup, or a giant hound, they’re a member of your family. The thought of losing them is devastating. Unfortunately, animals get loose or get lost every day. Your best bet to get them back in your home is to make sure they have proper identification on their collar. Here are some things to include, as well as some factors to consider.

Phone Numbers are Best

This is simple: personalized leather dog collars should include a phone number. It’s the most likely way a person can get ahold of the pet’s owner without having to exert mote effort than pulling their cellphone out of their pocket. If you rely on an address and the animal is far from home, even a well-intentioned stranger may think twice about trying to wrangle them into a car to drive them home. An email address isn’t fast enough and requires the person who finds them to do too much.

Addresses Are Still Important, Though

Even though the phone number is the most important piece of information to include on a pet ID, you should also include your address for one simple reason: If your pet simply wanders off, there’s a good chance they’ll be close to home, and therefore easier for a stranger to walk them back.

The Debate About Names

You may want to include your pet’s name. That’s understandable, but there are two schools of thought on this. One is that if a stranger finds a pet, sees their name on a tag, and uses is to call them, they will trust them and therefore be more willing to go to them. The counter-argument accepts all of that as fact but points out that this makes it easier for a dishonest person to steal the pet and keep it as their own. Only you can decide which way seems right for you.