What Should I Wear As A Wedding Photographer?

As a wedding photographer, you’re not bound to any specific outfit, but you should dress decently and professionally. When you dress this way, you’ll feel like a professional and this confidence can help to put your customers comfortable throughout the photoshoot that will lead to better shots. As a matter of fact, professional wedding photographers tend to follow the right dress etiquettes to make sure that it is not the last wedding that they will shoot.

Are you having a hard time choosing the right attire that you should wear while shooting a once in a lifetime event? If so, here are some of the practices/tips that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes

Often, this one of the most important yet overlooked practices when deciding what to wear. It is very easy to disremember to consider the type of shoes you wearing before the wedding day because you are too busy tied up in other things photographers need to prepare before the big day.

The typical result of this is that you end up using usual formal shoes that you typically wear for the rare occasions you attend.

The main problem is that such shoes are not comfy and you are not used to wearing them for a long period of time.

So when deciding, you should avoid heels or sandals. Better yet, opt for sneakers or casual shoes.

  1. Do not dress like a visitor

Keep in mind that dressing as the wedding photographer is totally different from dressing as one of the guests. That said, do not embellish yourself with jewelry or something that easily attracts attention. Rather, you should dress in order to match with the background.

Moreover, avoid prints and loud colors, because dark and plain clothing is typically the best option.

  1. Be modest

A wedding is not the ideal place for short skirts, bodysuits, low-cut tops, and fitted clothing. Again, you do not want to attract attention and you need to move around and comfortably.

  1. Wear tailored and simple clothing

This kind of clothing can be a great option as it shows a professional and sharp vibe. Avoid wearing shorts, denim, or anything that is too casual. While tuxedos and gowns look great, they can be hampering over the duration of the wedding.

Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot to learn what a wedding photographer should wear. Nevertheless, if you’re looking forward to wearing black, then you are allowed to do so.