What makes art Nouveau special and how to buy it from an online museum shop?

Whenever you see Art Nouveau design in any Online Museum Shop, you’ll definitely admire it. Art Nouveau is French for “new art.” A “total art style,” It is one aesthetic that’s just as worthy of attention: Art Nouveau. A design style that gained popularity in both the United States and Europe from 1890 to 1910, Art Nouveau showcased floral patterns, curves, linear designs, and elegant silhouettes, among other characteristics.

The elaborate aesthetic was prevalent across a range of disciplines, including furniture, architecture, fine art, pottery, and glassware. It can even be spotted on the set of the 1964 movie, My Fair Lady.

Nouveau Art has impacted other influential movements like Art Deco. Extremely popular in the 19th century and early 20th century, this international style of art was a repudiation of the academic art or academism that flourished immediately before it.

Its dedication to using natural lines, structures, and forms in its design, especially the curved lines you see on flowers and plants is what makes it stand out. One more defining quality of Art Nouveau is its omnipresence across everything feasible that you can call design which includes interior and graphic design, also something as seemingly unrelated as metalwork.

For a movement, it was so surprising to know that it lasted an extremely short time. From its upswing in the last decade of the 19th century, this elegance would only last another decade or so until 1910—and then it gets out of fashion. Still, it’s far from a mere flash in the pan because its legacy lives on today in numerous ways.

Let’s walk through the thing that makes Nouveau art special.

Some artwork left its mark in history. They always had some specialty that made it stand out from others. Same is the case with art Nouveau available. Art Nouveau design has become so iconic, and it’s hard to believe it was a cutting edge, even controversial movement at the time of its development at the end of the 19th century.

It’s recognized for its commitment to being forward-looking, which was extraordinary for the design style of its day. Overlooking the cues from design movements that had come and gone, it brazenly blazed its path, taking inspiration from elements that were readily available all around it, such as the natural world.

If you see a plethora of lines in a work, you will surely admire something within this design movement. One of the most famous artwork in our online museum shop, Art Nouveau, is renowned for using sharp lines in its designs, everything from:

  • Curvy, sinuous and longer, more luxurious lines
  • More conservative, linear lines
  • The whiplash line (a characteristic curve used by many Art Nouveau designers and artists)
  • Lines of vertical height
  • Lines aren’t the only style elements that make observers take notice of it.

Also, a recurring theme in this art is the focus on plants and flowers, especially of the stylized variety. You’ll see everything from stylized leaves, twigs, and roots to stylized plants, buds, and flowers. That’s because, without any prior design aesthetic to influence the movement, Art Nouveau designers felt free to look at their surroundings and use them as muses.

This trait makes Nouveau a little like Scandinavian Design, which would only emerge about 50 years later in the middle of the 20th century, due to its fascination with nature.

Moving to the third big thing is the style theme emphases on the female form. When you see girls and women in Art Nouveau designs, you’ll generally see them depicted more traditionally with long, flowing locks, in what’s regarded as a pre-Raphaelite take on the female form and poses.

Rounding out the style traits are various design flourishes and ornamentation that you see in furnishings and interior décors, such as the incorporation of exotic wood materials, semi-precious stones, silver, iridescent glass, and marquetry (an inlaid work usually crafted from little pieces of differently colored wood or other materials, used mainly in the decoration of furniture.

Well, you recently study things about art Nouveau that makes it so unique. Now, what if you`re planning to buy it? How to buy it from an online museum shop?

Let’s get into it. Artworks that you see in museums are either owned by the museum, loaned by patrons, or part of exhibitions for temporary display. You`re not allowed to buy museum artworks. In case, they want to sell any of their artworks that would most likely be through a major auction house to gain the best attention for buyers.

However, some of the museums do have artist galleries or rental spaces for their artists, whereas some make it through online museum shops.

Sources for making museum shopping online are through the top museum stores online, such as The Museum outlet where you can find a variety of artworks represented in high-end art galleries in major art centers around the world. All you’d have to do is some searching for where the artist’s work may be available for purchase.