What Are The Different Types of Earrings?

There are people who are fond of wearing various types of accessories to accentuate their outfits. However, some people are keener on wearing earrings because it is much more convenient to do so. Just bear in mind that there are various types of earrings that you can choose from and this article lists down some of them.

Climbers & Crawlers

When it comes to contemporary earring designs, you have climbers and crawlers that tend to follow the curve of your ear upward. They appear to be chic and innovative because they start at the bottom of your earlobes, rising along the edge of your ear. They are considered as one of the most popular statement earrings Australia wide and jewellers usually recommend them to their clients because they tend to stay in place. This can be attributed to the sturdy wire that acts as its backbone. Some of these climbers and crawlers even come with a series of gems that gradually gets smaller toward the top.

Dangles & Drops

Another type of earrings that you can consider adding to your collection is a dangle or a drop. Both of these hang from a stud-like back. However, drop earrings are longer and thinner. Furthermore, drop earrings can also sport a stylish end piece after its skinny section. On the other hand, dangle earrings can be considered to be full-bodied earrings that make more movement. The movement they make is the reason why they are referred to as dangle earrings. They can also have a thin crescent wire that holds them together. One of the most popular types of dangle earrings is the chandelier even if its shape cascades like a mounted fixture.


Hoops are usually round earrings that flow through the ear, reconnecting on the other side of the piercing. Sometimes, they are smooth, but other times, they can feature a pattern. Hoop earrings can also come in other geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, or triangles. They can also be accentuated with gemstones. You will be able to find small hoop earrings that just sit perfectly around the lobe of your ear but you will also be able to find a huge pair that can even reach your shoulders.


Huggies are also circular much like most hoops are. They can attach to the lobe, but they can also fit on the cartilage areas of your ear. However, unlike hoops, huggies fit snugly on the ear, which makes it appear like they are a cosier version of hoops. They stay firmly nested in the lobe and while most huggies are circular, some can also be made from other shapes.


Finally, you can also consider wearing studs, which is another type of earrings that most women wear for everyday use. Because they sit comfortably on your ear’s lobe, they provide the illusion that they are hovering without any support. Nevertheless, backing locks are put into place to keep them in position. The object at the end of the narrow bar of the stud can be a precious stone or a metal ball. Some even feature pearls laying flat on the ear without dropping down or climbing up.

Final Word

There are various types of earrings for you to choose from and the ones listed above are only some of them. While there is the option for you to go simple with studs, you can also go all out with hoops and dangles. The key is in balancing the type and design of the pair of earrings that you intend to wear, not only with your outfit but with your facial features or hair cut as well.