Like any other unique jewelry, earrings can transform your look and boost your confidence significantly. Whether you wear tiny emeralds or sleek silver hoops, a good pair can enhance the most desirable traits of your face and your outfit as well. Since earrings come in various styles, it is easy to get confused as you stroll around the jewelry shop, wondering what makes the difference between them. Here is a guide to the different types of earrings to help you make informed choices when shopping.


Almost everyone has heard of studs as they are the most basic type of earrings. They come in various metals such as Silver Stud Earrings, gold studs, while others are made of gemstones, pearls, or diamonds. A stud is made of a narrow bar that goes into the earlobe then held in place by a stopper. It appears as if it is hovering without support, although a babble holds it at the earlobe’s back. They are simple and go with every type of outfit.

Hoop earrings

As the name suggests, hoop earrings are circular, go around the ear and connect on the other side of the piercing. They add a pretty and feminine finish to every outfit. Hoops can be smooth, have patterns, or be decorated with gemstones. Again, they come in various sizes, from tiny ones to big ones that can touch the wearer’s shoulder tops. Smaller loops appear classic and sophisticated, while larger ones are fashion jewelry.

Dangle earringsĀ 

Dangle earrings are attached using a hook, hang below the earlobe, and move as you move hence the dangle. Most of them are usually sparkly, giving you an elegant look. Dangle earrings can be divided into different categories. Firstly, we have drop earrings that include a pearl, gemstone, or a decorating piece hanging from a tiny bar. Secondly, there are chandelier earrings that look like a chandelier with branches of a dangling segment. They are big and glamourous. Thirdly, we have teardrop earrings that resemble the shape of a drop and hang from your earlobe.


Huggies are similar to hoops as they are circular and connect through the lobe. However, they fit in the cartilage and sit snug against the ear. In other words, huggies are the cozy version of hoops. They firmly settle on your lobe as you go on with your daily activities. But, they do not come in circles only. There are other shapes with openings.


Jacket-style earrings maintain the security of studs but appear as long dazzling earrings. They have extra features that add details to the front and back of the ear. They have the standard stud piece but with an extension that goes below your ear and pops back out at the front to wrap around, bringing out an embellishing covering your lobe.


Climbers are a new type of earrings that flows your ear curve upwards. They begin at the bottom of the earlobe, rising along the edge of the ear. A string wire that acts as a backbone keeps them in place. Climbers and crawlers are innovative, and they appear chic and sexy when you wear them.


With knowledge of the different types of earrings, you will not complicate your shopping anymore. You can now confidently walk into a jewelry store and ask for any earrings you would like to try on.