Top 5 Most Memorable Children’s Party Giveaway Ideas

Bored with the traditional birthday party favors after years of planning them  for your kids? There are now plenty of options that you can pick from. Some of them are items that kids can actually use and appreciate. If you want to take your childs’ party to the next level, then you should consider these memorable giveaways. 

Snack Bag

Kids love goodies. Even though they enjoyed the party that you have prepared for them, what would make it more perfect would be a bag of goodies that they can bring and enjoy at home. You can add a bag with mores ingredients – mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. They are not only perfect for kids but they are also affordable.

Drawing or Coloring Kit

Nowadays, it is a sad reality that gadgets and the modern technology has taken majority of the time that kids spend during the day. They also need a break from their gadgets. That is why if you give them activity kits, this will encourage them to be more creative and spend  some time away from technology. 

Plastic Bobbleheads

If you want to giveaway items that kids can decorate in their room, you can order customized bobbleheads. Miniheads by custombobblehead online is currently one of the most requested for birthday parties. You can have a funny bobblehead of your kid who is celebrating the birthday and for sure, this will bring a smile on their faces.

New Books For Their Old Ones

Looking for a gift that your guests will surely keep? Consider buying books for your party favor. You can match the books’ story to the theme of your child’s birthday party. You can find plenty of books to choose from that will surely be appealing to kids of all ages. In fact, instead of them bringing gifts for your child, you can also organize a book swap which you can donate if you are into donation drives.

Colorful Flip Flops

Most kids wear flip flops at home. If you are organizing a pool party for your childs’ birthday, you can giveaway colorfol flip flops that they can bring home. Choose sizes that are larger for the ages of the kids attending the party so they can use them for a longer period of time.

Birthday parties does not end with the games and foods. You also have to plan for the party favors or the thank you bags that your guests can bring home. So if you are looking for other options other than the ones that you have tried for the past birthdays, then consider the tips mentioned above. You can be assured that you can easily turn your fun birthday party to a fantastic one.