Tips for Building a Better Wardrobe For Your Fashion

Every woman needs a wardrobe that is ready for any situation, but assembling a complete wardrobe can pose a difficult task for women used to a certain routine or style. Follow the tips below to assemble a clothing collection that will prepare you for anything.

Bottoms Up

Start with the basics. Go through your underwear, socks, camisoles, tights and Lulalu bras. Make sure that all items are in good condition and still fit properly. If not, start shopping and make sure that the hosiery and lingerie you choose will work for a variety of outfits and how they fit your body.


Try to think of your wardrobe collection as a series of opposites. You’ll need clothes for hot and cold weather, formal and informal occasions, work and play, and night and day. By planning your wardrobe so it can encompass extremes of situations, you’ll be well-suited to adapt quickly to the scenarios you are faced with.

Buy in Batches

Have you found a pair of jeans that you love more than anything? A t-shirt that fits you perfectly? A pair of slacks that are perfect for days at the office? If so, go ahead and buy that style and size from the retailer in a variety of colors and patterns. This saves you both time and money, as you avoid the hassle of searching through stores and websites hoping to find something that fits and settling on items that you never wear because they weren’t quite perfect.

Quality Over Quantity

With today’s fast fashion and proclivity for sales, it is tempting to spend $15.00 on a dress or $30.00 on a pair of jeans when you come across them on a sales rack or in your email. Keep in mind that these types of marked-down products from fast-fashion retailers are not intended to last. Focus your wardrobe search on those retailers who are known for the high-quality, durable goods, classic styling and impeccable reputation. While these items may cost more upfront, they will not fall out of fashion and will last for years if not decades with the proper care.

Switch It Up

One of the best ways to get the most use out of your clothing and be prepared for all occasions and weather is to use layers and accessories. Use items like cardigans, jackets, shoes, belts, scarves, and jewelry to vary your look. A sleeveless dress can be casual with a jean jacket, sneakers and infinity scarf; the same dress will be ready for a cocktail party with a delicate shawl, heels and statement jewelry. 

Start your wardrobe search by creating a list of the items you need and fixing in your mind the style you want to project with your clothing. Look for retailers that match this style and sell high-quality products that are within your budget and be prepared to be patient while you find the pieces of clothing that work for you. Start with the basics and be creative to make sure your wardrobe is ready for anything life throws at you.