Tips And Trends For Whole Clothing Buyers And Boutique Owners

Are you planning to buy wholesale clothing for your boutique this season? Stop and think if you are recently thinking about starting a business or planning to place your next bulk order. Are you well aware of the fashion trends that will dominate the market in 2022? Are you going to select the wholesaler carefully to get only premium quality clothing as per the fashion trends?

These are a few questions that you must think about before you plan to order from your wholesaler. Understanding the fashion trends can help you make a wiser selection, ultimately catering to your audiences’ requirements. Therefore, here is a list of tricks and trends that every wholesale clothing buyer must know before placing the next order:

Sustainability Continues To Dominate

The primary thing to keep in mind while placing your bulk order is that people are more conscious now than before. They understand how their regular choices directly impact their lifestyle and even on this planet. That is why many people are switching to sustainable clothing. 

People are more concerned about making wise decisions of investing in clothes that come from eco-friendly practices. Therefore, if you want to dominate the clothing business now, you need to select your wholesaler carefully. Try and sell apparels that promote a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to the planet’s betterment. 

Be Inclusive

Body positivity and self-love are two concepts trending in the market right now. However, people are not shying away from embracing their beauties. 

Slowly, individuals accept that beauty doesn’t come in proper shapes and sizes. Instead, every person is beautiful and needs to accept themselves unconditionally.

Inclusive fashion is something that every wholesaler needs to know about in detail. It is much more than just including plus-size apparel in your store. It is more about including everybody, shape, size, and color without boundaries. It is about creating clothing for people and not the other way around. So, be inclusive about designs and styles while shopping wholesale clothing


Another trend that you must know about is athleisure. With the current working from home scenarios, consumers are swapping their fashion styles to mix leisure with formal attires. That means they no longer love to be in those formal clothes. Instead, people prefer to be in their comfortable yoga pants throughout the day while conducting their online meets.

And athleisure isn’t a new concept. But it gained momentum recently during the pandemic situation. The trend is here to stay as people are more concerned about comfort than plain and baseless fashion outfits. So, invest more in athleisure clothing to offer diversity to your customers.  


These are some trends and tips to keep in mind for both boutique owners and wholesalers. If you are starting your clothing business recently or facing challenges to find a reliable wholesaler, try Clothing Supplier. 

It is a Turkish brand that offers you inclusive wholesale online fashion at incredible prices in the market. You can browse through a long list of options to choose the right set of clothing for your brand. With bulk orders, you will always get amazing offers and discounts. So, start making your profits today!