Time Saving Beauty Secrets For Those On The Go

In today’s world it can feel like we never stop or slow down. On top of it we want to feel beautiful and confident all at the same time. It seems impossible, but is it ? Time saver and beauty rarely go in the same sentence, until now. Then discover our different services that will allow you to be beautiful and elegant.

I Really Woke Up Like This

We’ve all seen the commercials; a well-rested woman stretches in bed while opening her eyes to a room full of warming rays of sun. However, our mornings consist of reality. Most of us wake up to a blaring alarm, wiping the drool from our chins, with yesterday’s mascara under our eyes and eyebrows so wild Oscar the Grouch would be jealous. Thanks to Only Beauty Salon that perfect wake-up is one step closer to being a reality.

For many of us, mascara and that lash curler that resembles a mid-evil torture device, are a staple in our morning routine. Who doesn’t love long, luscious lashes? After all, the eyes are the window to the soul. What if it was possible to save time while ditching that mascara and curler ? Only Beauty Salon offers customizable Eyelash Extensions of high quality to fit any preference from a classic natural to lashes bold and full of volume. Not ready for full commitment to lash extensions, opt for a Yumi Lash Lift instead. Make those eyes pop with full and curled lashes for up to 6 weeks while giving them some TLC with a hydrating combination of keratin, vitamins and proteins. Say goodbye to morning raccoon eyes, mascara wands, and eyelash curlers while saying Good Morning to flawless, effortless lashes.

The Perfect Eyebrows Without All The Hassle

Some of us remember the 1990’s where eyebrows were meant to be pencil thin and resemble something of McDonald’s golden arches. Thankfully, we’ve left that trend behind and natural, full eyebrows have settled into their rightful place. However, some of us weren’t gifted with naturally full eyebrows, or over-plucking has left our dear friends patchy and sparse. Only Beauty Salon can bring the life back into those eyebrows, leaving you with fuller, symmetrical brows. Bare patches, unruly hairs, and lack of shape are no match for Brow Lamination. Throw out the pencils, stencils, and pomade, now you can make your brow routine a thing of the past.

Confidence Equals Untouchable Beauty

At the end of the day, our confidence shines brighter than anything else out there. As much as we may occasionally neglect it, self-care really is a necessity. Luckily there is a saving grace among us when it comes to making our beauty routines shorter and simpler while giving us the gift of confidence in the process. With services ranging from lashes and eyebrows to manicures, pedicures, and a wide variety of other spa treatments, Only Beauty Salon has something for everyone. Save time, look beautiful and feel amazing, simply book your appointment online today !