Things to Remember While Selecting Summer Dresses for Kids

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It is really a taxing task for mothers to dress up kids in summer season. Instead of stylish dressing, prefer comfy and cool clothes that can give protection from heat and rays. In hot weather, toddlers get suffered by overheating more than grown-ups. Unfortunately, they do not have sense to play in shade or drink plenty of water. It is more alarming that kids are at higher risk to diseases due to sunburn like melanoma. It is parents’ job to keep the kids inside the home from 10 am to 4 pm. Offer them the best summer wear to make the hot weather bearable for them. Get Ontime promo code to order the best summer clothes for boys and girls.

Cotton Clothes of Tight Weave

It is necessary to offer lightweight 100% cotton dresses to toddlers so air can get access to their bodies and let the sweating to disappear. Otherwise, the wet clothes cause prickly heat and irritation on the skin. In order to guard from sunrays, select tight weave clothes. You can check the quality by holding the shirt in the sunlight. If the stuff shows less light, it means the material is perfect for summer season. While going out, choose full sleeves shirts and long pants to provide a shield to bare skin. Do not forget to use sunscreen made for kids’ skin.

Wash Clothes in Sun Protection

Keep in mind, dark shades can restrict sunrays more than light colors. Besides, they can absorb more heat than that of light color dresses. Instead of selecting dark color dresses, plan to buy light shades this summer and let them feel fresh and cool throughout the day. Moreover, protect the clothes through SunGuard formula. It requires washing dresses by adding sunscreen with SPF 30. Make use of Ontime promo code for getting branded cotton dresses in light shades for your little-ones.

Cover On the Beach or at the Pool

Definitely, you have planned to buy new swimsuits for your kids. Most of the parents select short swimsuits for girls and boys. It is recommended to use a top covering the swimsuit when your kids are not in the water. Rash shirts are ideal cover-up for kids as these are well-fitted to body. Usually, these shirts are used by surfers. Nylon and Lycra materials are used to make quick dry body hugging shirts.

There are swimwear in form of shorts, summer basics and shirts having complete UPF protection. If you want to select a UPF swimwear, it is good to pick above 15 UPF. Such type of fabric permits just 1/15th ultraviolet rays to travel through the dress. It is declared by Skin Cancer Foundation that people should use above 30 UPF, whereas 50 is ideal figure to get maximum protection.

For potty training kids, choose a diaper that is specially made for swimming purpose. You can also use this swim diaper inside the swimwear. For potty trained kids, select tankini like two piece suit to cover up emergency situations.

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