Things to Know About Ripped Jeans

Clothes are one of the basic necessities of humans, and now there are various varieties of clothes used by people to cover their bodies.

With the changing and modernizing world, the fashion among today’s generation is also on the peek. People are upgrading their wardrobes, with new fashion clothes. And in each and every wardrobe, a pair of jeans are very common. There are many types of jeans such as formal, casual, designer, and ripped jeans. And in today’s generation, ripped jeans are very famous among people these days. In the world of fashion, ripped jeans are also famous by the names torn jeans, damaged jeans, destroyed jeans, and distressed jeans as well.

The ripped jeans are in trend these days, it gives a messy and cool look which is very famous among today’s youth. 

  • Women ripped fit jeans

Girls who like to try new and different looks may try ripped fit jeans. The ripped jeans are stripped from the thigh to below the knees. There are also small scraps that seem like they have been scratched or stripped naturally. You can pair these jeans with a white shirt, top or blouse. Make a combination of light blue striped jeans with a white shirt and blouse.

  • Women ripped patch jeans

For a cool and attractive look, you can go for ripped and repaired jeans. In this type of jeans, it is designed in such a way that the patches in the jeans are covered in different colors. You can try high boots with the patched-up ripped jeans. You try a simple and cool look with these pairs of ripped and patched up jeans.

  • Bagged ripped skinny jeans for women

The baggy and ripped jeans are the most comfortable types of jeans in the collection of the jeans. Wearing ripped jeans is also a big deal because you can slip out your legs from the holes of the ripped part of the jeans. As the baggy jeans are comfortable and this can fit you easily. While wearing the ripped and baggy jeans, you can move your legs easily and the risk of getting the ripped jeans more ripped.

  • Black knee ripped jeans

The black ripped jeans on the jeans are the most common variety of jeans in the wardrobe of both men and women. Women often choose these types of jeans, as it does not have the most of part torn and also gives a torn effect too. There are a huge variety of ripped jeans, many women wear a lot of patched jeans or the torn jeans according to their choice.


In this article, you will know about the various types of jeans, which are the most common part of one’s wardrobe. There are a lot of jeans not only based on their shape but also on their patterns. The jeans can be worn with a top, shirt, blouse, Kurti. You can wear jeans according to your choice and the one that suits you.