Things to keep in mind while choosing your wedding look

Weddings are considered as one of the most important and spectacular events in our lives. Girls for most of their lives have the dream to appear like a queen on the wedding day. This means they need perfection in everything. Your wedding location, cake, menu, music, dance and most of all your look has to be perfect. Talking about wedding look the dress matters the most but so does your hair and makeup. Accessories play a vital role in the look and ladies love the designer accessories to go with their dress. Ashlee Lauren is one of the best millinery designers in Australia and you can definitely use her ideas to brighten your day. Now let’s have a look at few pointers for the perfect wedding look. 

Find your wedding dress

Ladies to find your wedding dress, first of all, you need to be open-minded. most of the brides already have the image of the wedding gown they have their eye on since childhood. In a few cases, they are able to find the dress easily and it is exactly what they thought it would be. In some cases, they find something totally unexpected and they love it. While choosing a dress to keep your budget in mind. The weather and the location of the wedding also has an impact as you should be comfortable. It’s your day so you can have a simple, classy and elegant look or you can go for a sophisticated modern look. You can keep the gown flowy and long or you can have frills.  

Find the perfect pair of sandals

Ladies keep in mind that your sandals should compliment your dress. You should match the pattern, color, design and the hue of your sandals to that of your dress. Take the venue and the climate into consideration for you to be comfortable. Start looking for the pair of sandals by keeping your budget in mind. Take a walk around in the sandals and break them in before the wedding because you don’t want to get shoe bites at the ceremony. 


Get accessories to glow 

You need to decide on something ‘blue’, ‘old’, ‘new’, ‘borrowed’ after you fix the dress. You can add a veil to your wedding look for a vintage effect. You can wear either a tiara or headband with your hair. Your earring should compliment the dress and makeup. You can either put your hair up or down and accessorize them with pearls and crystals. A necklace and wristbands matching with the attire is a good idea. 

Choose your makeup salon

Choosing a makeup salon or an artist a very crucial decision to make. Be sure to be open and try the recommended ones if you already don’t have a salon you like. Be sure as to what is going to be your final look at the wedding. Do a trial run of getting your hair and makeup done. Choose the kind of makeup that suits you. For hair, you need to see the length, texture, and color of your hair and decide a style that compliments your face cut and the chosen dress. Keep all these in mind to ace the princess bride look.