The Very Best of Elle Cover’s Lucinda Sky

Lucinda Sky is one of the mainstream model currently leading the industry with her beauty and glamour. Her stunning looks have earned her numerous leading and cover page model for fashion magazines across the world. Numero has already made her their cover star and is also vouching for her to be their lead model for upcoming photo shoots. She is one of the hottest model and is also one of the most sought after model. See why the Russian beauty is stealing the front pages of fashion magazines such as Numero.

Who is Lucinda Sky?

Lucinda Sky, born to a Russian mother and Armenian Father can speak in both the languages of her parents with utmost fluency. She can also speak in English and is currently living in Los Angeles after she moved from her native Russia to the United States with her husband. She has been in the limelight of magazines and their front pages since she started in the modelling industry at an young age. After her mother died she had to endure a tough life. Although she managed the daily ongoings, she also had to face and overcome her abusive father which resulted in her being strong enough to sustain in the modelling industry and lead the competition with her will and desire to achieve great things. Her passion for modelling have led her to great success with world renowned photographers and magazines wanting her as their cover page star for their annual or monthly editions. Magazines such as Numero have given her the opportunity to become their cover star and she have rocked the fashion industry with her stunning looks and gorgeous body that anyone would die for. She have also featured for numerous calendar shoots which have made her enough worthy to compete against the very best of models around the World.

The best of Lucinda Sky

Apart from modelling, she have also featured for several plays as theatre actress and have claimed enough recognition with her performances. She stands at 5’9’’ and has a slim build that men fancies all their life. With chestnut hair and brown eyes, you will be bemused with her looks and gorgeous body that have made ruckus in the fashion industry. The Russian beauty have undergone a certain healing process which resulted from autoimmune disease. Yoga and meditation has been the key to her problems and right now she is ready to roll.