The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Congratulations on your engagement! You and your fiancé are on the road to eternal love and a lifetime of adventures. One of the steps in that process is your sure-to-be-amazing wedding day. While it may be a bit overwhelming to plan your big day, you must remember that many tools and ideas help you get through the entire process. So, if you are looking for some organization to begin planning your wedding, our ultimate wedding checklist is here for you.


First, you may want to determine your budget with your fiancé. There are plenty of things to consider, a lot of which you’ll find in this checklist. Also, we suggest funding a savings account for this day if you prefer to steer clear of any personal loans.


Next, you should consider how many guests you want to invite to your ceremony. Remember that you will need seating, food, and party favors for each guest, so choose wisely. Also, consider both of your family’s sides and their seating arrangements. You don’t want to split up couples, so preparing a seating arrangements diagram and sending invitations with a “plus one” option is a must.


For this part, you will want to take into consideration your dress or suit, your partner’s attire, and the bridesmaids’ and groomsmens’ apparel as well. For a wedding, this includes fashion styles, makeup, nail design, and shoes. You also want to think about hiring a professional salon for your hair styling and makeup and visit as many dress fittings as you need.


Your venue is where everything happens. So you want to choose a venue that reflects your style, your romance, and your theme. Additionally, you want to consider if you’re going to do the ceremony and reception in separate places or if you’re going to keep them together. For example, some people prefer going to a church for the ceremony, and others are okay with an outdoor location. Depending on your style, you can choose whichever venue you desire as long as it’s within budget.

Visual Content

Next, you may want to research photography and videography companies to help you capture your best moments. Hiring video production companies like Coldea Productions is a great way to turn your wedding into a beautiful movie. Coldea Production is a creative agency dedicated to producing photo and video content for events, video marketing, business videos, and social media. If your wedding takes place in California, Arizona, or Nevada, you should check out their portfolio and reviews for examples of their work.


Another thing you want to consider for your wedding is the decoration. The decor will have to go hand in hand with the venue of your choosing. After all, you want the place to look harmonious and beautiful for your big day, not a mismatched event. Look for theme ideas on Pinterest and get inspired with your future spouse.


Another item on the list you should take into account is party favors. These are gifts for your guests to take home and keep as mementos of your wedding day. These could be personalized candles, flower arrangements, pictures, food baskets, and even playing cards. Anything goes for party favors, so choose as you please and make it special.


Lastly, you may want to look into honeymoon ideas. You can do this at another time, but we suggest doing so during this process so you can visualize your expenses for the trip and make an appropriate budget for it. You may not want to go overboard, or you may want to splurge. It’sIt’s up to you and your fiancé to decide.

So now that you have the ultimate checklist for your planning, it’s time to start researching venues, dresses, and all the other things we mentioned so you can have the extraordinary wedding of a lifetime.