The Ultimate Guide to Boho Jewellery

Bohemian dressing has been a favourite in the fashion world since the 1960s – although, it’s been around as an alternate lifestyle and means of dressing for literally hundreds of years! With the adoption of this free-flowing, relaxed aesthetic into mainstream culture came countless gorgeous takes on the eclectic lifestyle. Boho jewellery is created to carry the air of whimsy and freedom that boho life promotes, whilst still looking stylish and put together – the best of both worlds, really! You might be wondering how on earth you’re supposed to style or even shop for bohemian jewellery? That’s where this guide comes in! Read in for a few tips and tricks to putting together perfect boho jewellery looks…

Look for contemporary twists on boho

Bohemian style can actually be pretty intimating when you punch it into Google – but it’s not all dream catchers and woven leather cuffs, promise! You should try exploring boutique brands or Australian based companies that are creating their own modern twist on this long-loved look! You’ll plenty of gorgeous minimalist brands, dainty aesthetics and unexpected reimaginings of boho jewellery out there, it’s all a question of doing your research!

Always layer

Bohemian style is all about telling a story with pieces that you’ve collected and curated over the years. This means that layering is absolutely essential when it comes to styling your jewellery in a bohemian fashion. Drape a mixture of chokers, chains, pendants and charm necklaces around your neck, slide on your bracelet collection and be sure to add a few rings. Finish with a pair of statement hoops and you’ll find that your simple tee and jeans all of a sudden look incredibly earthy, cool and ever so boho.

Use a mix and match of different materials

If you want to up the ante of your layered look then you need to incorporate a range of different colours, textures and materials. This is going to increase the creativity and air of general eclectic elegance that you’re trying to capture. Always be mindful to stick to natural tones like bronze, gold, green, brown, cream, garnet and a pop of bright turquoise here and there. This will mean that you always look balanced and harmonic instead of kitsch. Choose resin, metal, gemstones and even wood pieces for your boho jewellery collection.

Keep an eye on quality

Although this style is all about earthiness, you should always keep an eye on the quality of the items that your collection. You want your jewellery to last you for a long time to come, after all. Make sure your gold is above 14 karats, plating is done well, and stones are fixed in place properly. Poorly made jewellery is only going to cost you more money in the long run, so save yourself the time and hassle by investing in well made, beautifully designed boho jewellery that won’t let you down.

Always stay true to your personal tastes and preferences

It’s very important to not let your own style get completely lost when trying out the boho aesthetic. If you lose your personal style, you’re not going to feel comfortable or all that happy with your final look. So, always be mindful to put the online inspo down and take into account how you like to dress and look – that way you’ll be investing in pieces that you truly love and get your wear out of.

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to finding and flawlessly styling bohemian jewellery! Get exploring your options for perfect pieces that you’re going to treasure for a long time to come.