The Top 5 Badass Jewelry Trends to Watch in 2021

Do you consider yourself to be strong, bold, and uniquely different? Try experimenting with badass jewelry to complement your daring personality. 

The striking style is inspired by motorcyclists but suitable for everyone. There is a lot of variety, so you can always find pieces that appeal to you. But where do you even begin?

Keep reading for the top 5 badass jewelry trends for 2021. These timeless trends will add to your style without being too much.

Silver Is the Metal of Choice

The world of badass biker jewelry is dominated by silver. It’s okay to experiment with other metals, but silver will give you the look you’re craving. This metal won’t ever go out of style either.

Why is silver so popular? Well, keep in mind that motorcycles consist of many silver and chrome components. The simple answer is that colored metals, like gold or brass, clash against most bikes.

Keep It Classic With Chains

A staple piece in any badass jewelry collection is anything made with chains. Necklaces and bracelets made from chains are among the most popular. These pieces are simple yet timeless. 

Plain silver or gold chains will give a classy edge to your look. Younger generations might prefer chains made out of stainless steel or even rope. Some come with symbolic pendants attached. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Layer

In recent years, the trend of layering jewelry has grown a lot. It allows the wearer to customize their accessories. This style looks great on anyone, so it’s even seen in badass men’s jewelry trends. 

When layering pieces, it’s easy to go overboard. Try starting with a couple of layered bracelets or stacked rings on a single arm or hand. Mix and match different materials to keep it unique.

Proudly Show off Iconic Symbols

Badass jewelry collections always include symbols. Most sources of inspiration, like bikers, incorporate important symbols into almost everything.

Jewelry that displays skulls or bones is eye-catching and classic. Click here for stunning pieces. Snakes, religious crosses, and lions are common symbols too. 

Most symbols come in the form of pendants attached to some bracelets or necklaces. Smaller ones can hide within earrings, or even rings, for a more conservative look.

Nature Makes the Best Materials

Try adding natural elements when you accessorize to stay on-trend. Leather serves as a useful material for bracelets and necklaces. Badass skull jewelry uses natural gemstones for pops of color. 

Younger generations appear more drawn to sustainable materials. Hemp and wood are just two common types. Style them with traditional ones to stand out.

Anyone Can Rock Badass Jewelry

The best thing about badass jewelry pieces is that anyone can wear them! Most are inspired by motorcyclist culture, but an average everyday person can style them too. 

By incorporating these trends into your badass babe jewelry collection, you are sure to stand out. They are bold, timeless, and fun to wear. 

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