The Little Misconceptions That Make a Big Difference in Your Pickle ball Shoes

It only takes a ball, a pair of shoes and a paddle to start your Pickle ball games. Yet, there is more to it. While having paddles and balls is important, can you imagine the problem that you are going to face with inappropriate shoes? Also, no manufacturers have devised exclusive shoes for Pickleball players. This once again makes narrowing in on the perfect pairs a bit tricky.

Which One to Go For?

You have to choose between volleyball shoes and tennis shoes for Pickle ball matches. As regular players put it, tennis shoes are more comfortable when you are playing outdoors. On the other hand, volley shoes are more fitting for those playing indoor. You can also use your indoor shoes while playing outside. However, it can tear up the rubber. Tennis shoes are designed for asphalt floors; while volley shoes ensure better grip on wooden floors. In either cases, make sure that your pair of shoes are sturdy enough to ensure a lot of scuffing, yet allow your feet to move in different angles.

Choosing the Perfect Pairs

A little bit of care on your part can help you to get the best for your money. These pointers give some practical insight to both male and female players 

  • Remember that staying comfortable comes first and foremost while buying any type of shoes. Hence, your shoes for Pickle ball matches needs to be lightweight, and well-made.
  • Check the cushioning, as well as the padding of the shoes. See whether they give you optimum support.
  • Your shoes needs to offer optimal traction on the type of floor you are playing.
  • You might find this funny; yet it is a great idea to go for vibrantly colored shoes. They can make up for a rather lousy game.

Reviews Matter

There are way too many sports shoes available in the market. You can simply bamboozle yourself with too many choices if you go through a number of reviews. Hence, instead of reading too many opinions, it can be a good idea to pay heed to the factors that matter. For example, you can see whether the shoes:

  •  Provide better arch support and grips the heels properly.
  • Slides the feet frontward, much to the inconvenience of the player
  • Available in different sizes for a comfortable fit 
  • The online forums can also give you More information and reviews of the best shoes for your budget