The Fine Options with Advertising Textiles

What is your need for the advertising textiles? It is through this question that you will choose your advertising textile. All advertising textiles do not have the same functions, the same durability, they do not transmit the same messages and do not all have the same prices. It is therefore important to define needs upstream.

To help you build your project, here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • What use for this advertising textile?
  • How often will it be worn?
  • What image and what message should it convey?
  • What is the place of the price criterion and the quality criterion in this approach?

You are looking for a work suit for your teams: instead, head for quality textiles, which will last over time and best represent your values.

You are looking for a personalized textile for an event: accessories and t-shirts are more suitable for specific events and have a better quality / price ratio. You can, in that case buy textile designs online and have the best ones.

Material, Finish, Cut? How To Sort?

Depending on the type of textile you are looking for, you will be faced with a multitude of choices: material, finish, cut, hood, pockets, weaving, how to make choices among so many possibilities?

Many filters are available on our site to allow you to refine your choice. It is essential to first understand where your preferences lie and then choose a personalized textile that meets your expectations and needs.

In addition to the conventional price, brand, color and gender filters, more advanced filters are available, decryption:

Weight: choosing a good weight is important, the higher it is, the warmer and heavier the advertising fabric.

Cup: your event requires a particular style? Select the cut that works best.

Need filter:allows you to limit the choice of model to specific needs: workwear, sport, ecological, etc.

Finishes filter: sleeves, hood, pockets, collar. Do you have a very precise idea of ​​your advertising textiles? These filters are made to guide you towards THE product you are looking for!

Marking Techniques

Last point to highlight before choosing your advertising textile: the choice of marking technique. It is important to know the different processes and their different renderings to best choose the one that fits your budget and your message. Indeed, between a screen printing and an embroidery, the message will not be the same, the size of the marking either. Similarly, a sublimation or digital printing marking will not have the same resistance over time.

Before choosing the technique for personalizing your advertising textile, it is essential to know the places you want to mark. Indeed, depending on the place to mark, the size, the price and the number of colors will be different. These are key data to take into account. Once you have defined these points, you are ready to choose your marking technique.