The Best Way to Wear a Brooch

The brooch is back!

Brooches are traditionally defined as a piece of ornament that can be fastened on clothing using a catch or hinged pin. Throughout different generations, brooches have been favorite jewelry pieces thanks to their ability to reflect fashion trends and a cultural influence. If you are a fan of these timeless jewelry pieces, here is how to wear them the right way.

Where you can wear brooches

In the office

If you work in an office setting, it is possible to wear brooches as subtle fashion statements. The brooches you choose for your office wear should reflect sophistication and style without being too elaborate. You can go for a small or medium size for the brooch to ensure it is not too obvious, especially if you deal directly with clients.

On a night out

You can stand out when going out at night b wearing a brooch to reflect your fashion sense. You can add a stunning large or medium-sized brooch to accessorize your little black dress. Wearing an elaborate brooch on a night out is a great way to make an otherwise dull outfit stylish. An eye-catching brooch can boost your confidence and look, making the night even more interesting.

To a wedding

Weddings are an excellent excuse to dress up and accessorize. There is no better way to mark the occasion than with a beautiful brooch that compliments your attire. A beautiful brooch will add a sense to the occasion. You can even match the brooch with the wedding bouquet if you are part of the bridal party.

On a date

When heading out on a date, you always want to make a good impression, and brooches are the best way to do this. A Georg Jensen brooch can be the best way to bring out the fashionista in you for your date. Even when feel dressed down, a brooch is the secret to looking stylish even without trying.

How to wear brooches

When it comes to wearing brooches, how you style them matters. Here is how to wear them with different attires.

With a dress

When wearing a dress, your brooch should complement the type and shape of dress. You can pin the brooch on either side of the chest, beneath the bust, on the ‘V’ of the neckline and your waistline.

With a jacket

The lapel is the most popular place to pin your brooch when wearing it on a jacket. While this is the best place for a jacket look, you can still experiment by wearing two brooches to get the quirky look.  

With a blouse

You can pin the brooch on either side of the chest for the blouse. If you want a trendier vintage look, you can pin it to the middle part of the collar where the buttons join.

With jeans

While it is unusual to wear a brooch with jeans, it can be done without looking tacky. You can pin your brooch on the front pocket of your pair of jeans or the back pocket too though it may be difficult when you want to sit.

With skirts

You can use brooches to create a buckle effect by placing a big brooch on skirt waistline at the middle. For the best look, the larger the brooch, the better.

With knitwear

This can include scarves, sweaters, gloves and hats. Brooches can be the best accessories for knitwear. While they are fashion statements on their own, adorning a brooch on a knitted garment can make it stand out. You can pin a brooch on the calf of your gloves, the side of a hat or nestle it in the scarf if you are going for the glamorous look.

With boots

While unusual, it is possible to accessorize your boots with brooches. You can pin a brooch on each boot on the side to give it a dazzling effect. It would be best to have two matching brooches for a more natural look.

With so many ways of wearing your brooch, you can now go out and add to your brooch collection for variety.