From wild and voluminous to glamourous and sleek, hair extensions mean no limits to your creativity. The truth is, they are a dream-come-true for everyone looking to significantly enhance their beauty!  First of all, for those that haven’t heard about this exciting beauty innovation yet…

What is the tape-in hair extension application method?

Tape-in hair extensions are the source of much excitement among celebrities and industry professionals alike. We recently had the pleasure of putting a big smile on the beautiful Love Island Star Anna Vakili’s face using the tape-in hair extension method for a flawless look. Tape-in extensions engage with your natural hair by way of neatly and comfortably sandwiching it between two small strips of light weight tape which are pressed together by hand without the need for heat or tools. The tapes are waterproof and incredibly strong, spaced out in a special section pattern around the head, and lie completely flat to ensure freedom in wearing your hair up or down without anything on show.

So now we know ​what ​they are…

Why do tape-in hair extensions improve so many women’s confidence?

There are no two ways about it, studies have shown that hair is one of the top three features mentioned when describing another person aesthetically. It plays a huge role in shaping the impression that those around us have. Even in ancient times hair and elaborate wigs were a way to prove status, wisdom and wealth. Furthermore, limp hair is a sign of aging and loss of health. So it’s no wonder that when a woman’s hair lacks lustre or oomph, it has an effect on her self esteem and confidence. In a fast-paced world full of opportunities, it pays to be self assured enough to be assertive and confident, and  tape in hair extensions provide a quick, simple, affordable (not to mention gorgeous!) way of enhancing our self esteem.

Why are hair extensions so popular in the summer?

There are so many reasons to rock tape in hair extensions all throughout the summer! What is summer for?! You’ve worked hard through the winter months and now’s the time to look and feel your best for summertime adventures, romances, weddings and parties. Hair extensions are the best way to be looking super special at a moment’s notice. They are light and airy in the warm, humid weather and if you are booking flights and have a million things to do, you won’t have time to style your hair every morning! And if you like to mix things up, tape in hair extensions can be curled, straightened and styled however you like, all whilst providing some protection to your natural hair.  What’s more, you only need to visit your salon/ hair extensionist once every couple of months so you can be sure of a no fuss, no muss summer time routine… Which leaves plenty of time to have FUN!

But can I go swimming with hair extensions in?

YES – Tape-in hair extensions are durable and resilient by design! You will be given a few pointers on how to care for you hair extensions on the beach, in the sea and in swimming pools which means you won’t have to worry at all. London’s ​Best Hair Extensions​ advise you tie your hair in a tight plait whilst swimming or doing any form of vigorous exercise really. After contact with salt water and chlorine they recommend washing your hair thoroughly and using conditioner or coconut oil to keep the extensions lovely and soft.  There’s no need to panic if you forget once in a while though – They will not fall out, damage, or change colour!

Can my tape-hair extensions be reused?

We should all be using ​human ​hair extensions as opposed to the disastrous synthetic hair extensions on the market! They can absolutely be reused and will not lose their beautiful texture, shine and volume for about a year! It’s up to you how many times you reuse them. It helps if you’re clued up on caring for hair extensions and attend maintenance approximately every two months.

So how can I keep my tape in hair extensions looking fabulous for so long?

Tape-in hair extensions were designed to be easy and long-lasting. If you brush your hair, they will not get tangled at the root or cause you painful damage and problems as other application methods can. Here’s what you need to know to give your tape-in hair extensions the care they deserve:

  • Coconut oil ​should be your best friend, thanks to its chemical structure. It is predominantly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid, which is more easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. That’s why smothering your hair in coconut oil every once in a while goes a long way in making tape-in hair extensions last as long as possible. It is often said to be the best oil in restoring protein loss, thus keeping your hair looking healthy and lustrous.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo ​– Sulfates are very effective cleaners which is why they are present in so many of today’s shampoos. They are definitely

not the best thing for your tape-in hair extensions though, drying them out and causing split ends and unwanted frizz. There are plenty of non-sulfate solutions on the market though!

  • Don’t overwash your hair extensions​ – This will cause them to dry out, just like your natural hair. Aim for about 3 or 4 washes per week.
  • Use heat protection spray before styling ​to add moisture to your hair whilst stopping natural moisture from escaping it. Even using heat protection spray on a particular hot and sunny day is a good idea!
  • Have a simple bedtime routine ​– Braid your hair and use a soft scrunchie at night to keep your extensions neat. This will ensure your tape-in hair extensions don’t tangle at all during sleep.
  • Hair brushing ​– Gently brush your hair from the roots to the ends, ensuring you have brushed out any knots. You must use a proper extension brush as a regular brush will snag at the bonds. Be gentle, just as you would be with your natural hair.
  • Wait at least 24 hours to wash your tape in hair extensions after a fitting or a maintenance session

Choosing your tape-in hair extensions colour can seem like a challenge to some people. Your hair might be multi-tonal or you just might not be sure of what will suit your natural hair and complexion best.

What colour should I choose?

A great person to help you decide exactly which colour to choose for your tape-in hair extensions is a hair extension specialist. They will be experts in colour matching and will recognise when you need a few different colours for completely natural looking results. You can also discuss different looks you want to achieve, such as highlights or an ombre effect. Deciding which colour to choose can actually be a lot of fun! You can switch up the mood of your hair to match the seasons as they change, all in a couple of hours!

For inspiration check out the stylish looks created at London’s Best Hair Extensions ​link