Super Models’ Secret on Choosing the Perfect Costume Jewelry


Whether they’re on or off the runway, you can’t deny that there’s a certain charm with supermodels and how they dress themselves.

Even in a simple all-black outfit, supermodels still manage to shine through and stand out. So what’s their secret to creating the perfect eye-catching outfits?

You might say that it’s all thanks to their fashion designers and stylists who are working around the clock to make them look fabulous and camera-ready. While there’s some truth to that, especially during the runway season, supermodels don’t always get gleamed up with a team of five.

Supermodels always have a trick or two up their sleeves to make sure that they’re styling themselves to the best of their abilities. Since jewelry is one of the biggest parts of their styling process, we’re going to teach you all the industry secrets to choosing the best pieces to fit your look.

Are you ready to delve into the world of fashion and jewelry? Here are industry secrets that supermodels use when it comes to choosing the perfect costume jewelry:

  1. The Basics are Fundamental

In the world of costume jewelry, you might think that supermodels would always choose the flashiest pieces to wear. But the truth is, it is actually the other way around.

Supermodels know how to save the more eye-catching pieces for special occasions and not wear them during a grocery run. Simply put, the basics will always be classy and stylish, and won’t fail to emphasize your features.

So when you go out on a weekend errand run, why not pair your white blouse and denim pants with a turquoise enamel-hinged bracelet cuff? Small jewelry pieces like this will allow your features to take the front stage more instead of looking like an overcrowded jewelry stand.

  1. Plain Hardware is Sexy and Stylish

We often associate costume jewelry with bright and bold designs. But for supermodels, they’re particularly fond of costume jewelry that features hardware material instead of bling and baubles.

The reason behind this is that costume jewelry can be sometimes hard to incorporate with different styles. But if you’re wearing a piece of costume jewelry where the gold or silver hardware is the main design element, then it makes the piece versatile to use.

  1. Opposites Do Attract

If you have difficulty in deciding which costume jewelry to buy and wear, then why not try the fashion industry’s foolproof method?

In choosing wholesale costume jewelry, the safest yet stylish way to go is to follow the rule of opposites. To put it simply, if the jewelry itself is incredibly intricate, loud, and detailed, then the size of it should be small to moderate. But if the jewelry design is on the minimalist side, then you can go as big as you want.

By following the opposites rule, you remove the possibility of being over-styled whatever the occasion may be. It also makes sense that models use this trick because they don’t really want their jewelry to overpower their style and outshine their natural beauty.

This rule can also be applied when choosing which jewelry goes best with certain clothes. If you’re wearing clothes with busy patterns, then keep your jewelry design to a minimum. If your clothes are on the minimalist side, then you have much more room to work with loud jewelry designs.

  1. Invest in the Right “It” Jewelry

Just because supermodels love timeless pieces doesn’t mean that they shy away from the latest costume jewelry trends.

In fact, the majority of them love to follow whatever jewelry trends are on the rise because keeping updated on the world of fashion is included in their job. But the huge distinction that sets them apart from others is that supermodels know which jewelry trends are worth following and which ones are not.

So if you’re a costume jewelry aficionado and would like to keep up on the jewelry trends, it’s important that you know which designs are worth buying. Before leaning into that shopping splurge, ask yourself if that particular trend design fits your style and aesthetic or does it simply look good in pictures. Also, think if that jewelry piece is something that you would actually wear and the opportunities for you to wear them are plenty. It doesn’t make sense for you to buy jewelry that you won’t get to wear.

Remember that aside from style, practicality is also important in the fashion industry. So don’t mindlessly chase trends!

  1. Add A Few Unusual Pieces to Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry goes beyond earrings, fashion necklaces, and bracelets. There are a lot of jewelry types and designs that many people don’t realize will suit their style simply because they like to stick with the things that they know will work for them.

If you ask us, one of the best parts of fashion and jewelry is experimenting with your style. Don’t be afraid to try things that may seem to be out of the box for you.

For some costume jewelry ideas, you can always go for pieces with art glass, textured metals, and decorative beads. The most popular choices for supermodels whenever they decide to wear quirky pieces are oversized bib necklaces, cluster earrings, brooches, and even anklets.

Vintage jewelry is also a great way to add character to your style. Bold color combinations and utilizing design contrasts will always nicely tie your look together. Jewelry headpieces are also quite elegant these days. Hair accents like pearls, glass beads, and faux crystals won’t fail to make heads turn.

Looking incredibly polished like some of the supermodels that we know are a dream come true for a lot of women. But shall we let you in on another secret? You don’t always have to rely on influencers and supermodels to dictate what you should wear.

It’s all about the confidence and bravado that makes supermodels look and feel good. While these industry tips will definitely improve your style when it comes to choosing costume jewelry from prominent costume jewelry shops such as CINER , JewelryBund, Etsy and Cursh & FANCY. It’s up to you to wear it with confidence and beauty.