Step Away From Single Use

As we all know, the planet has way too much plastic. It’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem, and single-use plastic bags are a huge factor. We’ve all seen those awful pictures of sea creatures becoming entangled in single-use shopping bags, or found plastic bags blowing about when we’re out on a nice walk, and most of us feel awful guilt about it. A staggering five trillion plastic bags are used each year around the world; that’s seven hundred for every person on the planet, each and every year. Although we all have well-meaning ideas and plans to reuse them, this is so often not the case! Most people have a groaning stack of plastic bags stashed away in a cupboard, which we either never reuse or which eventually find their way into landfill, the countryside, and the ocean. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution? Wouldn’t we all love it if we could make a difference? Well, we actually can. Supply and demand is based on things being sold that people use, and if no one is using single-use plastic bags then they will no longer be produced. There is a very simple, easy and effective thing you can do to help end the overproduction of single use plastic that is choking our world – use eco friendly reusable produce bags. This really is such an easy solution, and it really will make a big difference.

As more and more people and companies are starting to realise about the state of the world and the fact that we need to make a lot of changes to make it a viable future, more and more options for organic reusable vegetable bags are appearing. You can buy cloth bags, bamboo ones, woven versions – any of them will help reduce your impact on the world. Even one less plastic bag produced will help make a difference to the world and our future, so by using eco friendly reusable produce bags, you are really helping out the planet. Many organic reusable vegetable bags are really attractive too, and you can find them in all sorts of colours and designs – this means they also make great gifts for loved ones, as you can find something that suits their character and fits with their personal style.

Another advantage to eco friendly reusable product bags is that they are sturdy. Plastic bags, even the heavy duty ones, tend to split and break after a few uses, so there is no alternative but to throw them away, after which they will end up in a landfill where they take literally millions of years to decompose. Your reusable bags tend to be made with much stronger materials that can stand up to heavy shopping, and won’t tear or rip, meaning that they should last you for a long time. They are usually made from sustainable materials, so even when they eventually reach the end of their life, you can dispose of them guilt free, knowing they will decompose much more quickly than standard shopping bags.

Think of these reusable bags as an investment. Ok, you may have to spend a little to buy them in the first place, but they will last you for years. Plus, in many countries you are now charged for plastic bags when you reach the cashier – only a few pennies, granted, but if you add this up over the weeks and years it will grow to a startling amount of money. So your reusable bags will pay for themselves, as well as being better for the environment. It’s a win win

Organic reusable vegetable bags have other uses than carrying home your weekly groceries, too. You can use them to carry birthday presents to a friend’s house; collect vegetables from an allotment; bring them on clothes shopping trips; use them as a substitute overnight bag if you’re staying out – the list of uses for these versatile bags is pretty much endless! 

I understand it can be hard to remember to take your eco friendly reusable product bags out and about with you, especially if you have just popped to the shop for one thing and end up buying a basket full. It can be more convenient to just say yes to a single use plastic bag – but this way the problem continues. A good solution is to make sure you always have bags with you; keep them in the house, in the car, keep a few at the office and stash them in your coat pockets so you can whip them out triumphantly when you get to the till. 

Whenever you need a bag to carry things in, move away from plastic and onto reusable. The planet – and your purse – will thank you.

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