Smart Look with the Best Purse Now for You

In winter, the trend is to look duller and darker than at other times of the year. The figures darken and bundle up in large, warm, protective clothing. The superimposition of thick garments, lined or bulky, creates a more homogeneous silhouette with less marked shapes. The combination of dark shades can quickly give your figure a sad and dull appearance. And purses generally follow the same trend for many women. So as not to fall into this winter sadness, accessories play a fundamental role. They allow styling and brightening up simply and easily. So you can bet on:

Here are our recommendations for your purses to bring cheer and style to your outfit even in winter:

Leave your black purse in the closet

When you see them in the window or in photos on an e-shop they are so beautiful, attractive and chic. Yes, but they are generally presented there on their own in a clear contrasting atmosphere which highlights them greatly. And unfortunately, once on the shoulder, they disappear almost completely, drowned in the outfit, and darken even more the final rendering of your silhouette. So no, every day, the black purse is not the right choice if you want to have style. Okay, we are exaggerating a bit, there are a few situations where the black purse can enhance your figure. Let’s see this together:

With a clear outfit: white, pearl gray, nude: if your outfit is entirely made up of pieces of light and pastel colors then a few touches of black will enhance your outfit wonderfully. Then opt for elegant black shoes with heels and a fairly large purse. Elegance guaranteed.

With a brightly colored coat: red, duck blue, mustard yellow. It is not always easy to combine this type of bright and distinct colors with other tones. Black will then be the good option to avoid associations of bad taste.

To embellish a total black & white look: you have composed a chic black and white outfit and you are looking for a purse that will match it perfectly? If your outfit already has several different patterns then opt for a plain bag that you can, for example, customize with contrasting bag jewelry to give it more relief.

Opt for bright nude purses

Nude purses are perfect for enhancing any outfit. Provided you choose the shade of nude. The must are the caramel chestnuts (also called camel). They are also part of the basics of purses. Their first strong point is their color, both warm and bright. It is timeless and can be worn in all seasons.

Their second advantage is to be able to easily marry almost any color. You will easily associate them with blues, reds, greens, yellows or oranges, pastels and nude, black. Only grays can be more difficult to associate with a nude purse and everything depends on its shade.

Camel purses are generally available in almost all forms of purse. They are very often found in the form of satchels, satchels and leather tote bags in particular.