Smart casuals for women

Your attire mirrors your personality and sends out your message even before you could speak a word. While picking a dress code that is just right for you can be tricky sometimes, once you know your body and style it is much easier. There are also some approaches to dressing that seldom go wrong and give you a smart in-fashion look with the least efforts. If you find it difficult to pick the best outfit for every occasion, betty basics and smart casuals could be your best bet. You can buy betty basics online and choose from various options that are comfortable and would look good on you. Another option is going for smart casuals that are getting increasingly popular with each passing day. Here we provide insight about the rising trend in everyday fashion to simplify the outfit selection for you.


  • What is smart casual?


People often find smart casual confusing. The reason is it is the attire that is sophisticated and relaxing at the same time. You need to find the perfect balance to nail the look which can be tricky sometimes. You have to pick choose pieces that are a perfect fit for your body, restful, elegant, and are not too much in look.


  • How smart casuals are different from office casuals?


Smart casuals are sophisticated due to which they are often confused with the office casuals. There is a fine thin line differentiating the two styles. Some dresses can be categorized in both classes. However, there is a difference. Office casuals are more conservative and do not allow much experimentation. On the contrary, you can play with the latest fashion trends while setting smart casual attire.


  • Occasions, smart casuals are best for


Smart casual is a style that fits in a broad spectrum of occasions.  Based on the occasion, location, and gathering you can choose the right pieces to complete your attire. Here are some occasions where smart casuals can help you stand out.

  • Office wear

More offices are saying yes to smart casuals. You can pick add colors to your attire or swap your pants with a chic skirt to get a perfect smart look.

  • Day events

Smart casuals are also ideal for a day event like an afternoon tea or informal client meeting. You can pick anything from chic midi to stylish pants.

  • For dinner

Dinners with smart casual dress code are an opportunity to show off your grace with simplicity. You need to play down with your choices. You can combine a conservative piece with a more contemporary one to achieve the balance. For instance, a classic black pant with an off-shoulder top would look great.

  • For wedding

Putting together a smart casual look for a wedding can be complicated. You need to ensure that you neither overdo to miss the dress code nor underdo and make it too simple to be suitable for a wedding. A chic dress or a top with a unique and comfortable cut can do it just right for you.


  • Accessorizing smart casuals


Accessories can do wonders with your attires. You should team you smart casual with a statement neckpiece, earrings, or a bag with a blast of colors to get that extra oomph.