Seven Rules About Skin Care You Should Follow by Estheticians

Esthetician rules for skincare are essential, similarly as nutritionists say on things we should consume daily. The main reason is that they spend years of training and getting proper certifications in a skin care training school orlando fl is to help people deal with skincare. Therefore, they have a few rules you should understand about your daily care, which will help you determine the best course of action.

1.Treatments are Essential

If you wish to cringe or peel your skin, the worst thing you can do is to do it yourself. The main reason for that is that you can damage it along the way, creating a more severe problem than you had.

Generally, it would be best if you went to a professional for multi-acid and medium depth peel each month. Since we age, our cell renewal decreases, which means that you should conduct regular peeling treatments to ensure a healthy, vibrant, fresh, and properly looking appearance.

As a result, you will achieve a glow that will provide you peace of mind. Remember that these problems first happen on a cellular level, which means you will not see them correctly without professional assistance.

2.SPF 30 or Higher for Additional Protection

It would help to protect your skin from weather exposure and harmful UV rays by wearing proper protection. Therefore, you should find either SPF 30 or 50, depending on your preferences, which will protect you and offer you a layer of antioxidants for additional appearance.

The main idea is to do it daily because UV rays can cause damage even on snowy or cloudy days. The same thing is essential during sunny days because it will offer you at least three hours of protection.

Another important consideration is to wear a hat during hot summer days.

3.Avoid Picking your Face

As soon as pimples start popping on your face, you will feel stressed out about it. The first reaction is to pick your face, which is the worst thing you can do. It is vital to follow this tip every time without thinking about it because most of them will last up to seven days.

However, if you pick it yourself, the scar will stay for weeks and, in some cases, for months. Even though it is tempting to do it, mainly because you think you will look prettier without it, a scar will create an even worse situation.

Watch this video: to learn more about routine you should implement.

Instead, it would be best to choose a spot treatment that will speed up recovery after a specific blemish appears. Apply active ingredients, cleanse a particular spot, and let it heal by leaving it alone.

4.Be Smart While Cleansing

If you wish to cleanse your face, it is crucial to do it smartly and adequately because doing it wrongly can lead to severe problems. For instance, it is not intelligent to clean your face after dinner and avoid doing it before bed.

According to most estheticians, that way, you will reach a point in which you will fall asleep with a dirty face. Bedtime treating is essential because while we sleep, our body regenerates, and the same thing goes for skin.

Another important cleansing tip is to check out your skin type, lifestyle, and preferences before choosing a particular product. For instance, you can use micellar waters, which is the best solution for sensitive skin, especially if your face reacts to tap water.

The cleansing water features proper pH levels to keep your face and skin in a perfect state, which is an essential factor to remember.

5.Order Your Products Properly

Even if you decide to invest in high-end and expensive products, you will not achieve the effect if you do not correctly apply them. Therefore, you should start with cleansing. After you finish, the next step is to apply serums before moisturizers.

The main reason is that moisturizers have a higher concentration of active ingredients and feature more targeted characteristics. A serum is like consuming a single vitamin or supplement. On the other hand, moisturizer’s function, and multivitamin.

As a result, you should follow a general rule that says you should start from lightest to strongest and heaviest products while handling a routine.


As you can see from everything mentioned above, you should know that moisturizing is the final touch that will help you keep your skin in optimal shape.

Therefore, most estheticians agree that moisturizing is the best course of action, and you should not avoid it the same way as cleansing. Of course, you should find the one that will work for your skin type.

You can use, for instance, hydrating mist a few times, which will help you refresh, soothe, and hydrate your skin. Still, moisturizing should not stop at your face because you should involve your body as well.

For instance, using avocado or coconut oil in the shower and applying it on wet skin can seal the moisture, and then you should use a proper moisturizer to ensure the best course of action.


After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, you should find ways to experiment with other means as well. If your skin does not feature proper blood flow, it can lead to a tired, dull, and sluggish appearance.

Caring is essential as explained here, which is why you should find untraditional means to handle it properly.

If you wish to ensure the best circulation possible, you should hang your head upside down for at least a few minutes. You can do it over the bed or against the wall depending on your physical strength.

You will notice that your skin will appear reddish afterward, which can make a high difference when it comes to inner glow.