See The Procedure That Will Increase Your Trust On The Quality Watch Service!

Most people think that once their watch stops working, it will not work again, but this is the big misconception they have. Many companies, such as tag watch service, offer such a fantastic watch repair service to their customer. People buy the expensive watch and if they have to through them once they stop working is the hardest thing. 

Instead of throwing it away, they can just repair the watch and get the fault fixed. The repairing will make your watch just like the new one because they test the watch after fixing it in every possible way. Here you will get to know about that later.

The procedure of servicing the watch

Some people may think that that servicing cannot be suitable for the watch because they feel that the watch will not remain the same as before. But they are wrong; it remains the as it is before. Here is the servicing procedure that will explain to you that repairing will not affect the watch’s quality.

  • When you give the watch for the complete service, the first thing they do is examine the watch; they check their functions and the cause of the problem you face in the watch.
  • Then after knowing the fault or problem, they correct that fault, or sometimes if needed, they replace the faulty part with the new one.
  • After replacing the damaged part or fixing the faults, the next thing that they do is clean the watch with the ultrasonic chemical bath, which will remove all the oil, grease, or any kind of dirt from the watch.
  • While the watch’s cleaning, if the case is broken, then all the seals are removed, and then it is washed in the large ultrasonic tank.
  • After getting the washes and the new case has been sealed, the next thing they do is reassembles all the parts by using the correct amount of oil and lubricants. The watch is refitted and clean.
  • After all the things now, the watchmakers will reset the watch and check whether it is cleaned completely or not and remove if any dirt or hair is still on it, and they recheck the time.
  • Once the watch case is sealed or closed, it then takes for the water-resistance test and other things, ensuring that all the parts are working properly.


From the points mentioned above, it is clear that if a person damages the watch or due to some reason the watch is not working, they can do their tag watch service. It will help them to get their watch in the right condition.