Safely Carry and Store a Handgun

Responsible gun owners adhere to strict safety procedures, including their carry methods; including belt holsters; handling; awareness and technology adoption.


How you carry your weapon will depend on your lifestyle, type of dress, the weather and your surroundings. Therefore, you may have several different holsters.

Choose the carrying method that is the most comfortable and conceals and secures your weapon. For example, choose a tactical belt and sturdy holster that covers the trigger because a shifting weapon is uncomfortable and dangerous.

Practice drawing your weapon with every carry method you adopt so your presentation is quick and effective. Finally, if you are carrying for self-defense, make sure your gun is loaded with a bullet in the chamber, cocked, and the safety is on.

Never tuck a weapon into your pants without a holster or carry it loosely in a pocket because it may fall out, be easily taken from you, or accidentally discharge because the trigger is exposed.


Do not handle your firearm in public unless you are pulling it to defend yourself. Carry it consistently, but if you are in a restricted area, remove and secure it in a locked container in your vehicle. Then, reholster it when you return to your vehicle. Do not handle your gun while you are distracted.


Protect your gun by protecting the area of your body it is concealed on. For example, stand with your gun away from people. Be aware of your surroundings and those around you to prevent anyone from trying to grab your gun. Consider using a locking holster.


Consider adopting new safety technology, such as gun safes with fingerprint scanners. Grip recognition will prevent firing if the muscle tension on the grip differs from authorized users. Finally, RFID chips require that a weapon be within a specific distance from its owner and the chip before it will fire.

Whether you open or conceal carry, adopt safe carry practices, do not handle your firearm in public, be aware of your surroundings and consider purchasing safety technology.