Questions And Answers On The Topic: Where Do You Wear Wedding Rings?

Jewelry has been worn in countless cultures for thousands of years and symbolizes strength, power or togetherness. In addition to the rings of kings or heads of church, the wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry that has been worn by the common people for many generations. With the wedding ring you express your love for an incredibly special person to this day, who should accompany you until the end of your life. When it comes to wearing wedding rings, there are many variants and options that we would like to introduce to you in the following to make your personal decision easier.

At first glance, the decision seems amazingly simple: the wedding ring belongs on the ring finger of course. Since this occurs on both hands and may already be adorned by another significant piece of jewelry, winding the ring on the day of the wedding can still be a problem. A look at the hands of other married couples does not help either, as both variants are established with the wedding ring on the right or left hand. Some people lack the right finger or the preferences for rings are so low that it is better to express their eternal love for their partner with another piece of jewelry.

Basically, it can be said that society today is much more tolerant and less forced than it was 100 or 200 years ago. Nobody can make real mistakes when wearing wedding rings if they want to live out personal preferences and ideas. It is only important that the spouses agree before the wedding in which form, they want to wear the rings in their married life together. Anyone who reaches agreement together and, for example, consciously takes an extraordinary path, will be able to deal with criticism from outside without any problems. The following suggestions should help you to go the right way around your wedding rings together.

Finding the right hand for your wedding ring

the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand. With this habit, people are an exception in international comparison. In most countries, for example the USA and on the entire American continent, it is common to wear the ring on the left hand. More and more often, couples are choosing this route and presenting themselves as modern and cosmopolitan by putting their wedding rings on their left hand. You cannot make a mistake with this, only the older generation will consider you engaged and not married with this wearing preference.

This point of view also comes from the tradition, where the promise of marriage in the form of an engagement was still appropriately displayed to the outside world. The vow was illustrated by a ring on the left hand indicating that the bride and groom were taken. At the wedding, the ring was removed from the left ring finger and placed on the right hand. This practice was already obsolete a few decades ago, when a separate wedding ring was often bought again for the wedding. The young couples of today’s generations prefer to save all their money on a noble wedding ring and no longer invest in the engagement ring.

A wedding ring nowadays serves two purposes. On the one hand it is the most important symbol for the two lovers themselves, on the other hand it is supposed to indicate to the outside world that they belong together. As for the personal level, you enjoy all the freedom and can wear the wedding ring however you want alone. In terms of external impact, it can make sense to adapt to the regulations of the environment. A typical situation is the regular stay abroad, where you do not want to give the impression of being single through the wrong ring position. Find out about wearing habits in the travel destination in good time and put on your wedding ring accordingly.

Combining it with other rings can also be a challenge. For example, if you have been wearing an heirloom on your right ring finger for decades, you will not necessarily want to replace it with a wedding ring. An understanding partner will understand the importance of the first ring to you and work with you to find another solution to wear. Most of the time, one of the two ring fingers should still be free to put on the wedding ring regardless of the “right” or “wrong” hand. After all, the ring has such a great and loving meaning that it can hardly be diminished by discussions about the right finger or special wearing preferences.

Tips on buying and wearing the right wedding ring

– Plan in good time in which shape and on which hand you would like to wear your wedding ring in the future. Depending on your preferences, making the ring will be that much easier. Perhaps the two ring fingers of your hands are of different thickness, so that an exact adjustment to the hand you want is necessary. If you prefer to wear your wedding ring as a pendant, this can also be implemented in a decorative way.

– Get to know the wide range of designs and materials. Wedding rings made of gold and silver are available in various shades that can be adapted to your skin color, for example, and thus develop their aesthetic effect even better. Since you will wear the wedding ring day and night from now on, its design and aesthetics should always match your preferences and wishes.

– As a couple, choose the moonstone wedding ring together and agree on which fingers it should be worn. It is no longer appropriate to surprise the bride with a wedding ring, young women want a say in this piece of jewelry. It is of course not a problem if one spouse wants to wear the selected ring on their right hand and the other on their left hand.