Physical Activities Every Pregnant Women Should Try

Ladies often wonder if they can exercise during pregnancy and what activities are best for both the mom and the developing baby. Most women will find they can continue with their regular routine, although it isn’t wise to try to take off unwanted pounds or start a strict training program at this time. Following are three activities any woman should be able to take part in while expecting.


Put on any new Australian-made maternity activewear and take a walk around the block. This is an excellent activity for pregnant women as it won’t tire the mom-to-be out but offers numerous benefits. Walking helps to strengthen the immune system while promoting blood circulation. Furthermore, an invigorating walk can help to reduce the mom’s stress level, which is always important before giving birth. Try to vary the locations where you walk so this activity does not become boring or routine. Keep up a steady pace and try not to stop and visit too often. Although friends and neighbors want to know how the pregnancy is going, it’s okay to explain you need the exercise and can’t stop to chat. They will understand the baby must be the top priority at this time.


Very few things are as good for pregnant women as swimming. This activity is ideal during pregnancy as it helps to relieve pressure on the joints. In addition, swimming improves the woman’s endurance and helps to control blood pressure. However, care must be taken to ensure the pool conditions are appropriate for pregnancy. For instance, never swim in a hot pool, as the fetus is unable to control the temperature of the uterus. Furthermore, avoid jumping into the pool. Although this may seem like a good idea on a hot day, it’s best to ease down into the water so problems don’t arise.


If there is one activity every pregnant woman should take up, it would be yoga. This activity helps support the changing body by providing a safe way for the mom to stretch and strengthen her muscles. Important muscle groups are toned during yoga, including those of the hips and pelvic floor. This becomes of great help during a delivery. In addition, engaging in yoga helps to relieve a woman’s stress and reduces the fears many women have about the birthing process. Women who do yoga regularly throughout pregnancy find they don’t experience as many aches and pains as expecting moms who are not physically active. Best of all, many ladies find they make new friends when they take part in yoga activities, and these friendships can last a lifetime.

Before trying any new physical activity, speak to your doctor. Most women can engage in these activities without worry, but it never hurts to ask first. The doctor can make recommendations on how to modify the activity if he or she feels it would be best to do so for the mom and baby. However, be sure to take part in some type of physical activity throughout the pregnancy, as doing so improves the odds of both mom and baby having a safe and healthy delivery.