New Year, New You! Three Ways to Ensure Your Hairstyle Is a Hit in 2021

After a long and arduous 2020, it’s time for a fresh start in 2021. And what better way to start the New Year in style than with a fresh look? Read on for inspiration and tips about how to ensure your hairstyle is a hit.

Keep up with the latest trends

Do you want to ensure that your tresses are bang on trend in 2021? Then it’s time to find out what’s popular in your local area. Thankfully, the team at All Things Hair has made it quick and easy to do so by producing a state-by-state analysis of the most popular hairstyles in the US.

The newly launched US hairstyle map shows exact preferences in different parts of the country for different hairstyles. Overall, the perm reigns supreme, with vast swathes of the US’s northern and western parts choosing this over and above alternative styles. In total, 33 states prefer perms, making this the most popular of the analyzed three types.


Perms have been renowned for nearly 150 years. Initially achieved through the application of heat, they now usually use both acidic chemicals and heat. It might sound bad for your hair, but in the hands of a professional, a perm won’t damage your locks in the slightest. But this maybe isn’t a style to try and achieve at home!

The second most popular was box braids. Many eastern states prefer box braids, including most of those running up the east coastline from Louisiana and Arkansas (with Florida’s notable exception, where perms still win the day). In total, 12 states prefer box braids to any other hairstyle.

Box braids have been around for millennia and are popular as a protective style that you can flaunt in a range of different ways. As they’re not attached to the scalp, they provide plenty of freedom when it comes to styling the braids themselves.

People attribute Janet Jackson to popularizing the term ‘box braids’ in the US. However, the style itself dates back over 3,000 years. The braiding itself can take a while, but the braids should last between six and eight weeks once in place, meaning that this is a relatively easy hairstyle to maintain. Perhaps one reason why it has achieved such enduring popularity.

Finally, the least popular of the three styles is balayage. This hand-painted coloring technique provides a subtle, natural finish. Just four states have balayage as their preferred style. If you live in North Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts and want to be on-trend in 2021, then it’s time to opt for balayage. But if you live elsewhere, then it will be a perm or box braids that mean you’re keeping up to date with local preferences.

Balayage is still a relatively new process, despite having been around since the 1970s. That’s because it has only relatively recently become popular, thanks in large part to a growing number of celebrity advocates. Balayage is a type of ombre, which is where the hair goes from dark to light. However, while ombre traditionally has a reasonably horizontal placement, balayage sweeps vertically down the hair. The result is a more natural finish using the balayage technique.

Focus on the condition of your hair

If your plan is for a ‘new you’ in 2021, then it’s time to give your hair plenty of TLC. And when it comes to treating your tresses right, it’s time to break out the oils. Masks, treatments, leave-in conditioners, the range of products available means there are plenty of options.

The more natural the treatment you can opt for, the better. Argan oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and of course, shea can do wondrous things for your hair’s condition. Suppose you don’t already give your hair some intensive, oil-based therapy regularly. In that case, you’re missing out on a straightforward win.

These oil-based products restore, strengthen, and even promote growth. Many will give your scalp some attention too. They are vital during the winter months when hair is driest due to the colder weather. It makes it more brittle and more prone to breakage. So, if you want your hair to look its best in 2021, make sure you treat it well!

Of course, regular trims are also vital to keeping hair healthy. They can help you avoid split ends, make your hair easier to manage, and are even said to improve hair growth and hair thickness. So don’t be tempted to skip any hair salon appointments if you want your hairstyle to be a hit in 2021.

Be daring

Our final top piece of advice for ensuring your hairstyle is a hit in 2021 is boldness. You can flaunt almost any style with the right attitude to it. However, you decide to wear your hair, do so with confidence.

Once you have that baseline confidence in how you look, it’s time to start having some real fun with your style. Do you wonder which hairstyles suit the shape of your face and your figure best? Experimenting will help figure it out. Will you go with the majority and see what curls look like, or are you going to try box braids first in 2021?

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from experimenting with more than one style at once. You could color your hair and then perm or braid it, for example. Just be sure that if you’re putting your hair through multiple treatments, you’re doing all you can to keep it in good condition while you do.

Hair should be fun, so why not use 2021 as an opportunity to nurture your tresses and to reconnect with your style in a way that you enjoy and that fills you with confidence?