Microblading care instructions: The do’s and don’ts

For those who can never get their brows in the right shade or shape in spite of all the eyebrow pencils, pigments and gels out there, microblading is the answer. This treatment can get your eyebrows in the right shape even without makeup, making more convenient as during the summer makeup may melt down in humid, hot weather. Want to try this method, but not sure how to proceed? This guide to eyebrow microblading offer you the pre care and post care instructions. Read the below given do’s and don’ts thoroughly prior to your appointment.

Pre-care instruction

It is suggested to avoid any blood thinning or anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks prior to procedure. Supplements and medicines such as Omega 3/Fish Oil, Advil, vitamin E, Aleve, aspirin, Motrin, and Ibuprofen, etc can have a blood thinning effect, increasing the chances of swelling or bruising. If you’ve to take mandatory medications, please check with your consultant prior to the treatment.

If you’ve any other treatment such as Botox or Dermal filler, consider taking it 2 to 3 weeks earlier to your microblading procedure. You need to discuss openly with your cosmetic surgeon or beauty consultant about any injections or supplements you’re taking to be happy with your procedure results.   Do not pluck or wax your eyebrows before visiting the salon. It’s important to avoid alcohol consumption at least 24 hours prior to treatment and about a week post the treatment.

Post-care instructions

A large part of color retention and healing depends on how you take care of the skin, post the treatment. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you go through the painless healing process.


You need to wash your face using a clean cotton or tissue soaked with unscented antibacterial hand soap and dry it immediately, not using any harsh or rough motions. You can apply moisturiser or ointment prescribed by your beauty consultant and do not apply any makeup on the eyebrows.


Do not get scared if your brows appear lighten than expected, as natural healing will take certain time. Do not work out or get engage in activities that cause too much sweat. Do not get your eyebrows soaked in water in shower until the eyebrows have healed. Avoid laser treatment over the treated section as it may lead to severe burns.

In case of any concerns or questions regarding the procedure, you can contact Kad Brows microblading salon.

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