Michael Kors Watches: A Guide On Selecting Best Fit Dial For Your Hand Size

There are many people who love collecting watches from different brands. Watches are the best way to look chic and stylish. If one wants to look put together, they can just wear a watch that suits their outfit and head out. It does not need much effort but also elevates a person’s confidence. Buying watches from high-end brands such as Michael Kors is a treasure to the collection. It is important to look for watches that fit a person’s hand size as it is an accessory that can improve the look of the overall outfit. Most people face difficulties in buying the correct size watch that fits them. Michael Kors watches come in different sizes and shapes so that every person can buy the one that fits their look.

Michael Kors watches act as a statement accessory that every person should own so that they can look special on every occasion. However, finding the correct size should be of top priority as the wrong watch can break the entire look. Michael Kors watches are elegant and worth the price.

Guide to Find the Perfect Michael Kors Watch

Here is a guide that can help you find the correct watch according to your wrist size without getting much confused:

Case Diameter

The diameter of a watch case plays a major role in selecting the perfect size Michael Kors watch. The watches vary in thickness and have different sizes of case diameters. For example, if you have a thin wrist, look for watches that have a case diameter between 6mm to 8mm. They look elegant on thin wrists and make the hands appear beautiful. Watches that have slightly thicker case diameters, look disproportionate on the wrists.

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Focus on Strap

While buying Michael Kors watches, look for the straps that you are comfortable in. There are different quality straps such as stainless steel, silicone and leather. Look for a strap that does not cause irritation on your skin and also looks perfect on the hands. The watches that have leather straps complement every outfit so people who are confused about which strap is more versatile should try leather bands.

Shapes of the Cases

Along with the diameter, focus on the shapes of the cases. Find a watch with a shape that suits your hand. Usually, the shape cases are either square or round. While most people choose round-shaped cases, there are people who can also look good with square-shaped case watches. Trying out different shapes is important before deciding on which watch to choose. If you are somebody who mostly wears round shaped watches, you can try the square-shaped ones from Michael Kors and see if that suits your style.

Buying a watch can be a hectic task if the person is not aware of what he wants. It is sometimes fun to break the usual style and look for watches that are different. Trying on different watches before deciding on one can help to know which watch style suits best. Also, you can take help from friends and family who have experience in buying watches. Since watches are so essential to elevate a person’s dressing style, it is crucial to purchase the correct watch.


If you are planning to buy a Michale Kors watch, visit https://www.darveys.com/collection/accessories/designer/michael-kors/accessories-type/watches to get different types of watches that the brand offers. Do proper research and select a watch that is perfect for your attire. Since watches have the potential of making or breaking a look, finding the perfect one should always be of top priority. Start your shopping today so that you can also get hold of the best watch and flaunt it in front of others.