List Of Ethnic Wear Styles that are trending in 2022

Regardless of how much one enjoys sundresses and trouser pants, Indian women’s ethnic clothing has always ruled our hearts and will continue to do so. There’s something beautiful about a bridal lehenga with rich embroidery that shouts class and tradition. A desi touch comprising saris, kurtis, salwar kameez, and Patiala trousers is a must-have for every Indian woman’s wardrobe. We are so enamoured with these Indian costumes that we have effectively incorporated them into western apparel, such as converting shirts into Kurtis. You’re in luck if you prefer a traditional kurti or silk suits to a sophisticated formal shirt. A peek at the latest fashion trends in India reveals some fantastic ideas that you must try.

  • Feathers on lehengas and suits — Feathers are no longer considered obnoxious! They are, on the contrary, ruling the runways, both international and domestic. Feathers are used throughout the attire, from the lehenga dupattas to the skirt’s edges, to increase the glam aspect. So expect to see a lot of feathery affairs this year, with fashionistas donning pastel tones and little jewellery, accessories, and makeup.
  • Belts over ethnic wear — Belts have been seen on Indian women’s ethnic dress such as sarees, lehengas, and Anarkalis for a few years now. Belted Indian clothes are still popular, from belting a saree to keeping the obnoxious dupattas in check when wearing an Anarkali. One of the main reasons for belts’ enduring popularity in Indian fashion is that they highlight our inherent curves. They not only constrict your waist, but they also add to the outfit’s fashion factor. Metallic belts paired with flowy kurtas and a matching robe are among the most remarkable ways to wear belts in 2022. Alternatively, for your lehenga or Anarkali, you might also choose an embroidered one.
  • Layered lehengas and anarkalis — Adding tiers or layers to lehengas and floor-length Anarkali gowns is one of India’s newest fashion trends. The versatility of multilayer lehengas and dresses is unrivalled. They might be ornate with a lot of needlework or simple with a lot of effort. Furthermore, styling them is easy because you can use minimal makeup from organic makeup brands in India and accessories with this look.
  • Silk Suits – The year 2022 will see a lot of silk suits being displayed on different occasions by females. These are the Jack of all trades, as you can wear them in minimalist style for casual events or even go for embroidered or embellished ones to make you look party-ready. And above all, the designer types are enough to give you a sophisticated look no matter wherever you go.
  • Bold and quirky blouses — Blouses in Indian fashion dresses are getting bolder and quirkier this year, from ruffled sleeves to going off-shoulder. We’ve seen flouncy sleeves in western apparel, but in 2022, poofy sleeves will be added to cholis and saree blouses. Furthermore, this year, backless and off-shoulder blouses are back in style for Indian women. To avoid seeming bloated or puffy, belt your saree to constrict your waist when wearing flouncy style sleeves. When it comes to lehengas, it’s recommended to avoid dupattas with puffy sleeves in order to highlight the sleeves’ pure elegance.