Learn How to Doll up in Simple Prom Dresses without Shelling out Much

Summary: Buying a dress for prom is exhausting, everyone knows that. It is time to follow the trend of simple dresses. Read the article to follow the guide.

Prom is coming – these three words are enough to excite you to the core. You have been waiting for this particular day and it is finally happening. Yes, you still have a couple of months left but what’s better than prepping in advance? Looking like a Disney princess is not a simple thing at all but things may fall into places. The young style experts have a hard time to execute everything. So, you should start by choosing a simple dress which will be alluring and practical at the same time.

Nowadays, the fashion trend has shifted from flashy to simple. Hence, do not underestimate the power of a simple gown because it is elegant. However, the simplicity should not prevent from sporting embellishments or satin. Prom is the door to social events and the guide to dressing up for such formal or semiformal events will be useful when you are off to college. Simple can be gorgeous and you are on the right way to pick up the cues from the prom scene. Moreover, simple can be fun because there is less worry about how to accessorize. In case, you are completely clueless about how to choose a simple dress, read on.

  • The Dress Color is Important

Simple prom dresses are available in different colors. If your favorite shade is white, maroon burgundy, golden, or black, you are definitely in for a treat. Every prom committee tries to follow a theme, finding a dress depending on the theme will not be difficult. It is a smart choice to find a color that beautifully complements your style. If you have dark hair, any color would suit well. Apart from the hair color, the skin tone is as vital as anything. Before finalizing a vibrant or neutral color, you need to consider the tone. In the end, make sure to wear something different than daily wear.

  • Be Practical and Stick to Budget

Setting a budget and choosing the dress can give you the vibe of pre-adulting. The secret to buying something elegant without breaking bank should be your priority. You should invest in quality and design. Fast fashion can be the answer but it should not be cheap. Under $199, you can find side-slit chiffon or long off-shoulder V-neck gown for next year’s prom. Spending more than $700 just for a prom dress does not make any sense, either. Every time you spend more than what the budget is may not be worth the money. Only by sticking to the budget can unlock the way to looking sophisticated under a strict budget.

  • Going with the Current Trends

The fashion industry changes rapidly per season and prom is an integral part of it. It is very natural to guess what the current trend is all about. Before getting into deep, you should know that the prom dresses are diverse and unique in design. If you can incorporate the classic trend with elegance, you are good to go. Currently, simplicity is thriving in the market. The design calls for floor-length hemlines, timeless elements, and minimal decoration. A simple prom gives an air of sophistication with the use of only one fabric. The modest and intricate details are beautifully prominent.

Among the simple designs, lace prom dressesare thriving in the market. Contemporary designs are available and the feminine touch is not to be missed. Deviating a lot from the traditional style, the lace dress is an exciting option for making a fashion statement. So, what are you waiting for? Order a simple lace dress for upcoming prom before the time runs out!

Author bio: Charity Drew is a fashion blogger with years of experience in advising young girls how to deck up with lace prom dresses. Here, she talks about three things to remember before picking simple prom dresses.