Juicing vs. Blending: Which Is Healthier?

Healthy living is a goal for many people today and one way to participate is by what and how one introduces nutrients into their diet. Two very popular methods are found in juicing and blending. Now to gain a better grasp of what you are actually achieving it is important to understand each principle more.

Juicing Defined

Juicing is removed by various methods of fluid content from the body of a fruit or vegetable. It involves selection of the best quality, fresh and tasty product placing it in a machine equipped to get the best and essence of it’s liquid for consumption. It removes fibrous material, the pulp leaving only the liquid and trace elements of fiber behind.

Blending Defined

Blending is mixing smoothly by an apparatus liquids, and solid pieces together for consumption. Blending uses every part of the fruit or vegetable from skin to seeds.

Both processes of consumption, blending and juicing are tools you can use in your journey of well being but which is healthier? Let’s look at the similarities and differences to determine clarity in both.

The Juice Scoop

Juiced drinks can be very tasty but may contain a lot of natural sugar coming straight from the fruit itself so it should be carefully monitored. However the nutrients found within the juice itself are easy to absorb and concentrated in vitamins and nutrients. Since it is only liquid then there are no other additives such as fiber. The combination of quality fruits and vegetables along with a great tool to process and provide a great natural product can be done with many options. Hurom spring sale offers styles and models to fit every lifestyle.

The Blend

This type of drink includes juice that is enhanced by an environment rich in nutrients as well but promotes healthier digestion due to the fiber. Fruit and vegetables when blended are also antioxidant rich due to the seeds, skin.

Study results

In studies of antioxidant value the immune system combats diseases like cancer when juicing or blending are used. Tested against each other the findings state both were helpful but blending offered higher concentration of benefits from the complete consumption of both juice and pulp.

Why is fiber a factor? Soluble fiber such as apples, carrots, and citrus are great regulators of blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber like spinach and other dark leafy greens and even cauliflower offer stimulation and regulation of a healthy digestion and elimination of intestinal activity. There is great value to juicing no doubt as it provides a bit of a break of active and sometimes difficult digestion while providing nutrition. It may also be a solution for those with malabsorption difficulties.

Fill the Tank

When consuming juiced or blended fruits and vegetables that include fiber makes you feel full and satisfied while juiced on its own is tasty but may not provide that full feeling. You will however discover that satisfaction from using any of the Hurom spring sale blenders offered.

Whether you have a clear preference to juice or blend the results are health and well being promotion. Maybe your choice is not one over the other but using both at different times addressing the specific needs or you may have at that time. The mix of combining both should work well and in reality could not hurt but in fact help you stay on the path of a lifestyle of health for a long time to come.