Insightful Tips For Budding Indian Contemporary Artists

India has a rich heritage of art and crafts. In every field of art, be it music, film, painting, sculpture or any other discipline, Indian artists have etched their contribution in flying colours. From small-scale craftsmanship to industrial production of artifacts, the country can boast of being one of the premia and above all steady sources.

Another interesting aspect of Indian art is the fusion of multiple cultures. Since the time of the Vedic age, the root of Indian culture has imbibed its sap from various sources. Emperors and conquerors have flocked in number on the Indian soil and then one day they have become a part of the Indian culture themselves. For instance, the Sultans and Mughals have come to the land of prosperity to establish an empire, but in the course of time, they become one with the Indian culture. No one can deny the enormous contribution of these two dynasties in the field of music, painting, architecture, sculpture and literature.

Ages after the Mughals rose to power, foreign nations came to India primarily with the intention of trading. Portuguese, French, Dutch and of course British culture got into the veins of Indian artistry. Take the paintings for example. The pre-colonial Indian paintings are strikingly different from their colonial and post-colonial counterparts. Today, courtesy of globalization, we have the privilege to witness the cultural and artistic endeavors of every nation across the world.

Then, what should Indian contemporary artists do to keep the flag waving high?

Tips for Indian Contemporary Artists

Artists must find their own inspirations’ at least this is the universal truth for all the artists out there. Every artist finds his or her own ways of expression through struggle, plight and agony, through contemplation, failure and rejection. Once an artist goes through this compulsory purgatory, it becomes easier to come out of the ashes like the great Phoenix bird.

However, there are some factual tips that may help Indian contemporary artists. Here is a small list of such aspects.

Create the Trend, Don’t Wait for It

Artists, first of all, should always be ahead of his or her time. What commoners cannot even think of, artists must apprehend that beforehand. In modern lingo, we call it a trend. Artists must have that X-factor in them to read the pulse i.e. get a grasp of the trend before it starts trending!

Let’s say sustainable handicrafts for instance.

Handicrafts made of biodegradable and eco-friendly items are not as popular as industrial handicrafts. However, with increasing awareness of environmental deterioration, people are inclining more toward sustainability. Industrial crafts may be less expensive, but it certainly does not contribute to the cause of saving nature.

Quite on the contrary, industrial production causes many problems for the environment. Therefore, as an artist, one must apprehend and encourage sustainable handicrafts which will serve the purpose to create a better world, a cleaner world for the generations to come.

Know the Convention to Break Out Free

Every age has its own, exclusive way of artistic expression. For example, the songs of the 90s; created an era strikingly different from other decades. Although this is a trivial instance, it is an effective one to understand that you as an artist must find your own way of expression. As we all know and agree on the fact that imitation doesn’t lead us to success, but invites unnecessary comparisons which are annoying!

Therefore, you must break free and do things that set new standards. But, to do so, you have to have a thorough understanding of the convention. If you are a filmmaker and wish to find a new language for telling stories on the silver screen, the first thing you have to understand is the fundamental grammar of filmmaking, its history and the development of different techniques in the hands of different directors and technicians. If you are a musician and wish to fuse rock with classical, you have to have a stronghold on both genres if you don’t want to risk yourself becoming a half-baked nut!

Once again, let us tell Indian contemporary artists that no tip, no advice, no suggestion is enough for you unless you want to pave the way yourself. The road ahead must be tough but art is perhaps all about to keep walking, keep striving for excellence till the last breath. Click here to know more about insightful tips for Indian contemporary artists.