How to Use Jewelry to Make a Statement

Did you know that using statement jewelry as part of an ensemble goes back thousands of years, as far as the ancient Egyptians? Statement jewelry is known for being large, colorful, and expressive gems. Most importantly, statement jewelry tends to be less expensive than fine jewelry, so you can build a beautiful collection. 

You may be wondering how to use jewelry to make a statement. Have you considered adding statement jewelry to take your wardrobe to the next level? Here are some tips for making this unique jewelry work for every outfit.

Go Casual During the Day

If you go into the office every week wearing the same outfits, then some simple statement jewelry can be the perfect way to freshen up your work wardrobe. Your clients or coworkers may even take notice of the change and compliment you on your new statement jewelry.

One thing you should consider with daytime statement jewelry is functionality. Make sure that you do not get your jewelry caught, and that it does not inhibit you from doing your job efficiently throughout the day.

Let It Shine in Formalwear

When wearing statement pieces at a formal event, you should definitely try to stick to a more elegant design, rather than fun and playful pieces that you might wear during the daytime. If you wear a dress or formal outfit in a soft color like black, then dramatic statement jewelry sets can do all the work for you.

Make sure that the statement jewelry does not overwhelm the outfit. Try to use solid colors for your eveningwear and avoid busy makeup or eccentric hairstyles so the jewelry can shine on its own.

Try Different Metals

You do not have to always stick to the same metal that you prefer for your fine jewelry when you use statement jewelry. For instance, if you love sterling silver or platinum for fine jewelry, then consider changing it up when you add in some statement pieces to your collection.

Gold jewelry is a staple because it is classic and goes with many different looks. You can try chunky gold earrings or something more versatile like this 4 qul necklace. If you feel brave, you can even try mixing metals with your simple statement jewelry.

Mix Up Your Colors

Along with statement jewelry sets being big, they also tend to pop with colors that you would not normally wear. Try contrasting colors that will still complement each other but allow the jewelry to stand out.

If you are wearing a neutral outfit, then add some pieces in bright hues that will add flair. Likewise, if you have a colorful outfit already, you can try more elegant jewelry in muted hues that will still be bold.

Express Yourself With Statement Jewelry

Upgrading your wardrobe does not have to be expensive. With statement jewelry, you can customize your look, add glamour, and stand out in every crowd.

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