How to travel with your engagement ring?

Whether you’re going on a holiday to the sea, or you’re going to go hiking in the mountains, if you’re a jewelry lover, you’ll probably want to take some of your favorites with you. What jewelry do you pack for a trip or vacation and which ones should you leave at home? And how to take care of them along the way so that they survive everything unscathed? You will read this in the following paragraphs.

Which jewelry do you pack for the holidays?

Maybe you’re going on a trip around the world and maybe you just want to enjoy a short romantic weekend and get out of the daily routine. Either way, think carefully about which jewelry is so expensive to you that you’d rather leave it at home because you don’t want to risk damaging or losing it. It will be jewelry of higher value and also jewelry to which you have a very strong emotional relationship and their loss would ruin not only your trip, but also a few more weeks. When you leave them at home in a jewelry box, you may lose a few extras from your clever outfits, but you won’t have to worry about losing them all the time off and you’ll be more at ease. You can certainly do without gold earrings after your grandmother for a few days. Choose cheaper trendy jewelry, which you can finally “ventilate” properly. Go for the Moissanite Rings NYC there.

What about a wedding or engagement ring?

The loss of every piece of jewelry will freeze, but wedding and engagement rings are difficult to replace with jewelry, they are symbols of your love that accompanied you at the moment of engagement and marriage vows. If the wedding ring holds your hands really well and you do not intend to break rocks on holiday, you can definitely keep it. It’s different with an engagement Moissanite Rings, which is usually set with a diamond or gemstone, it’s not as compact as a wedding ring, so maybe it’s a good idea to consider leaving it at home.

If you are flying on holiday, put your jewelry in hand luggage that you take on the plane. In any case, you can have your jewelry insured. If you are staying in a hotel, do not leave your jewelry unattended, rather put it in the hotel safe.

How to prepare jewelry for the trip?

If you travel often, consider buying a special travel jewelry box. It is a cute briefcase in which you put all your treasures. A good way to transport jewelry is with small plastic bags (so-called zipper bags), put each piece of jewelry individually in the bag and close it. Do you have unused loyalty cards at home? Make holes in them and close the earrings in them. Then all you have to do is wrap everything in a soft cloth and put it in your luggage. You can pass a gold pendant with a chain through a drinking straw and turn it on, so it will definitely not get tangled. You can shorten the straw according to the required length of the chain. Larger buttons can be used to pair earrings. You put the earrings through the hole and turn it on, so you will never find a second earring in pairs.

We should especially enjoy traveling. Don’t let the time off make you uncomfortable by worrying about your jewelry. It is always better to take less jewelry and enjoy endless well-being and carefree. After all, we love to travel because of that.

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Where Is The Engagement Ring Worn And What About It After The Wedding?

Getting an engagement ring is an important and longed-for moment in every woman’s life , so it’s no wonder that each of us wants to really show off the ring. In addition to the different types of manicures that can emphasize or complement the ring, it is good to try different methods and ways of wearing the ring in an unconventional way . Not only will you draw all the attention to it, but you will also solve some troubles, such as the wrong size. And what to do when the time comes for the wedding? Where to wear an engagement ring after it is replaced by a wedding ring? And how to wear both rings at the same time?

Left or right hand?

Before asking for a hand, men very often address the question of where to wear an engagement ring, so that they choose the right size accordingly or do not accidentally put it on their partner’s “wrong” finger. It is usually customary for a woman to wear an engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand . However, this is definitely not a rule that cannot be broken! In some parts of Europe, on the other hand, it is customary to wear a ring on the right ring, as this is a cultural and religious tradition. So if you prefer wearing a ring on your right hand, you don’t have to follow conventions, but feel free to be inspired in other parts of the world.

Wondering what the difference is between a wedding and an engagement ring? There is only one engagement ring and a man puts it on his partner when he asks for a hand. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are bought in pairs and exchanged by partners during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding day

Wondering if an engagement ring is worn during the wedding? You can definitely take your ring on your big day, but don’t forget to take it off before the ceremony or at least move it to your right hand. During the wedding ceremony, the wedding rings are placed on the left hand again, where the engagement would be interfering with you. But if you forget about it, be sure not to worry about it, after all, such cheerful faux-pas will happen during the wedding ceremony where to whom and later you can put the location of the ring in order without any worries. And you will still remember it happily!

And what about the wedding?

There is no doubt that after the wedding ceremony, the wedding ring is primarily played on a woman’s hand . However, many ladies also want to continue wearing an engagement ring because they are so enchanted by it that they feel sorry to take it off the hand , even though the wedding has already taken place and according to tradition they should only wear the wedding ring . If you don’t want to give up your engagement ring, you just need to work out a little elegantly how to wear the wedding and engagement ring together. Don’t worry, there’s no need to worry about it – you can wear an engagement ring on your other hand or on another finger of your left hand, for example. In this case, however, you may need to resize it for a different finger.

If you want to wear a wedding and engagement ring on one finger , a set of engagement and wedding rings in which both rings complement each other beautifully could be the perfect solution for you . Rings from engagement sets are directly created to be worn on one finger together. Their shapes and lines fit together perfectly , so you can enjoy both beloved rings at the same time. If such a set has caught your eye, but you already own your engagement ring, take a look at the cut-out wedding rings . Among them you will find models that are perfect for completing your engagement ring.

When the size does not fit

And what about a ring that doesn’t fit your size? Don’t worry, you don’t have to hide it indefinitely in the jewelry box. Just throw it on your finger where it will fit better, or you can wear it on a chain instead of a necklace . This tip will come in handy even if you don’t want to combine an engagement ring with a wedding ring on your hand after the wedding – you simply hang the first ring on a chain and wear it around your neck. Some ladies also have the ring regularly adjusted to the size they currently need, or have diamonds and gems from the ring inserted into earrings , a brand new ring or other jewelry to replace an already unsuitable ring.

When would you rather take off the ring?

It is not true that you must wear a wedding ring at all times. For example, if you go playing sports or are going to your favorite work in the garden, you can easily destroy the ring , so it is better to put it in a jewelry box during similar activities and take it for better occasions.

And where do men wear the ring?

Where should a man wear a wedding ring after giving his heart to a beloved woman? Because men’s hands don’t usually decorate as many rings as women’s hands, men have it a little easier. The wedding ring is most often seen in them, as in women, on the left ring .

And why did the tradition of wearing wedding and engagement rings originate? Above all, the couple in love wants to express that one belongs to the other and that their feelings are really deep. Therefore, they decided to form this bond together officially, which is supposed to symbolize the ring with which we express the connection with the loved one.