How To Tell If Your Gold Jewellery Is The Real Deal 

There is a whole vocabulary that is used when people talk about gold. Most gold jewellery is not just described as just gold, but words like “solid gold” and “gold plates” are often used. When you buy jewellery, these are terms you should be familiar with. Solid gold is different in itself. 

There are different types of gold in terms of quality, but there is also a lot of well made jewellery that although might have some gold is not necessarily worth much when compared to real solid gold. Understanding the differences can help you receive top cash for gold Brisbane.

Solid gold 

Gold jewellery’s purity is expressed as Karats. Pure or solid gold is 24K. This is often stamped somewhere on the jewellery. Next to the karat stamp you will find a name or symbol inscribed. This that depicts the name of the company that made the gold jewellery. Hard or solid gold is usually made with alloys or metals added to harden the gold because in its purest form, gold is very soft. So hard gold can have a 21karat purity, which means it is 21 parts gold and 3 parts alloy. The higher the karat value, the higher the amount of cash you can get when you receive cash for gold Brisbane.

Gold Plated 

Jewellery can sometimes be plated by with gold using processes like electroplating. However gold plating can wear off. How quickly that happens will depend on the thickness of the plating and how long or how often it is worn. 

Gold filled and rolled gold plating refers to a process where jewellery has a 10 karat gold layer applied to a base of a metal. This jewellery is marked with the karat of the overlay and the abbreviation RPG which stands for “rolled gold plating”. Vermeil is a type of gold plating done on a sterling silver base. 

A lot of jewellery is gold plated and not made entirely from solid gold. Gold plated jewellery when done expertly can pass for the real thing. So, it is important to familiarise yourself with the markings. 

Gold Flashed 

Gold flashed products have a thin plating that is less than .175 microns. This wears away quicker than gold plating. 

So what kind of gold jewellery do you have? You should ask yourself this question before you set off to get cash for gold Brisbane. Obviously, you can’t really sell gold plated or gold flashed jewellery. You should be careful when you are buying gold jewellery. These days the process of plating metals with gold is done so expertly, it can be hard for an untrained eye to tell the difference. If you are not sure of the quality of your gold jewellery you can always take it to someone who has experience with gold. Jewellers are your best bet, but if you cannot find one near you then you can go to a pawn broker or a cash for gold dealer. These people handle gold on a daily basis and can conduct tests on your jewellery to tell you what karat you have or if the gold is real or not.