How to Take Care of Your Leather?

Leather is an important investment for you and you must not regret this decision 5 years down the line. Leather being a natural fiber is completely organic and needs intensive care and conditioning to preserve the glow. This blog covers the overall care instructions for almost every type of leather and here is what you need to look out for.

Before Usage

Every leather is made differently and needs a separate set of care instructions right from when it is bought. Your bag might demand infrequent care but it is necessary to keep things in the note from when you buy it. General protection for leather includes the application of a leather wax or cream. This provides an extra layer of protection to the surface, enhancing its shine and also keeping the surface away from unwanted scratches or scuffs. Choosing a cream bearing natural wax gives a rich look and texture while is a strong barrier against all forms of dirt and moisture. There are again material finishes like suede and nubuck that require prior waterproofing sessions before they are taken out in public. For effective care, a waterproofing spray is the best to keep the moisture off the leather. This spray again needs to bind with the leather, hence the application requires a good amount of time to dry before getting used. Lighter shades of leather require heavier protection.

During usage

Leather care is just like caring for your skin. It needs frequent moisturization. After a few usages, they seem to lose their luster, and hence reapplication of the cream and oil is necessary. Various creams are specially formulated for various types of leather and choosing one with the utmost care is important.

Avoiding Scratches

Scratches are inevitable when the leather is in use but cleaning the leather and smoothing it with conditioner can help ease out the situation. Repeating this step is ideal if that is necessary.

Avoiding stains

This is a tough job to do and various stains have various removal processes:

  • Grease- Corn starch can remove stains but conditioners can prevent grease on leather.
  • Ink- DIYs are not helpful and taking to a leather repair shop is the wisest.
  • Denim dye- A well-conditioned leather can repel dyes but once stuck, they are pretty hard to remove.
  • Water- Water on leather dry naturally but the spots require conditioning for removal.

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