How to Stylize Your Cute Swimsuits with Amazing Cover-Up Sarong

Are you planning your summer vacation somewhere tropical and beachy? There’s no better time to enjoy the warm sun than in summer. So, why wait? This is high time to vacation and enjoy yourself. All you need is stylish and functional beachwear to make your beach activities more lively and vibrant. There are endless options you can try on, but the sarong makes it twice as exciting and fun.

Yes, we are talking about sarongs. Surprisingly, there are several ways to tie a sarong. Don’t limit yourself to one style, express your love for fashion with this classic cover-up. Over the years, it has become a popular, stylish accessory that complements cute swimsuits. Let’s explore how to wear a sarong in 8 different ways.

Side Knot:

One of the trendiest ways you can tie your sarong is by folding the sarong in half and then wrapping it around the waist. To secure it just tie the loose ends in a little knot.

Long Skirt Style:

This is another cool way to experiment with your scarf. You can wear this style and go for a drink, restaurant, and hit the beach. All you have to do is hold the sarong horizontally at the back and near your waist. Bring two ends of the scarf and tie that at your waist level or any height you are comfortable with. Leave the slit at the center or the side.

Brazilian Style Dress:

It’s a laid back and cute style. Keep the sarong in a horizontal position at the front of your body. Take the two corners and tie it loosely at the back of your neck. Then leave it to the back. Grab the ends of your dress at your waist level and pull the sarong up. Now you’ve got yourself ready for the beach, pool, and even a casual evening dinner.

Halter Style with a Twist:

This is fun and easy to pull off. To pull it off, all you have to do is hold the sarong at the back of the body. Bring it to the front of your body from under your arms. Grab the left end towards the right side. Take the remaining fabric to the back. Now twist it entirely until they become thin straps. Tie it at the nape of your neck and see for yourself how it makes the outfit look elegant.

Classic Halter Neck Style:

Keep your sarong horizontal, and fold it over diagonally from corner to corner till you have a triangle. You are going to make a band at the bottom by rolling it under two or three inches. Tie it around the waist and knot it in the back. Take the edges and bring one over the shoulder, bring the other over the shoulder, and tie it in the back, and you have a criss-cross halter top.

Twisted Ends:

Work with the sarong in the horizontal position crossing and twisting the tips towards the back of you. To finish the look, knot it at the nape of your neck. If you wish you can tie the tips around one of your shoulders for more Grecian goddess look.

Bandeau Style:

This elevates your look immensely. It allows you to style your sarong in different ways. Usually, it comes in from behind under the arms and goes back around the bust, or it can just be left knotted down the front. It’s entirely up to you. Hold it horizontally at the left and right side equally out to the front. If you are using a cotton sarong, you’ll need the coconut buckle. It’s got two holes, and you need to feed each end of the sarong through the hole. Pull the buckle towards your bust quite firmly and tight so you can feel secure. Now wrap the two ends back behind almost encasing your bust like a strapless bra top bikini.

Bandeau Style Skirts:

To wear this sarong as a skirt, simply drop it down to your hips or your waist wherever you are comfortable, and with the two bits that are hanging down the front, you can leave them hanging in the front if you like or you can grab them up and take them to the left and the right. Wrap them behind as far as the will go behind your hips to the center of your back or just behind your hips. Fold it under the bit at the back of your waist, and again the buckle will hold it securely, and that makes a beautiful skirt.

Consider all these cover-up ideas. Stylize your cute swimsuits for women. With a simple piece of fabric and a few strategically placed knots, you are going to look like a beach goddess in no time on your next vacation.

Summary: Sarong has turned out to be an amazing style accessories in recent times. Here are some tips you can consider to wear your sarong in style. Wrapping it up around your body as a cover-up opens up an opportunity to stylize your cute swimsuits for women, making you look like a beach goddess in no time on your next vacation.