How to spend a day with your girlfriend and pamper her

The opportunity to tell the world about how women like to be treated is a desire and we are going to make the most of it. To our readers who are here to know if they are doing right by their partner or even women who wish to tutor their guys, this is the place. First of all, women want to be treated with love and pampering even if they are the kind who likes to do everything by themselves and don’t like to ask for help. What they want is for you to understand what they need even when they say otherwise. Now it is okay for men to not always be the ambassadors of goodwill and understand what is being expected of them reasonable or not. But if only they hear it from someone else like their best friend or an article on the internet where they don’t witness a bias they may be able to present. So here’s presenting the toughest call to make in any century ever, what to do to keep women happy and pamper them on occasions.  

  • Tell her, you love her 

Don’t search for reasons when you are to do goodwill, especially for your girl. Tell her, you love her with a good morning and goodnight. In case she would be in an unpleasant mood, it would be quickly corrected and she won’t pick any fight with you. And when you do love her what’s stopping you from saying the same. And the day you don’t feel like it, you will know something is just not right between the two of you. 

  • Order surprise food 

Your girl may never tell you but the food is the one thing that will always be her top choice for a gift. Women like to eat more than they or anyone else can tell. Send her surprise parcels in the office and during nighttime when she is stressed or happy. No matter the mood, food always works. You can order cake online in Dwarka or send some pasta on the way. 

  • Gift thoughtful things

You are mistaken if you think what your girls want is materialistic presents but instead, a red rose can do more wonders than you can imagine. A soft toy or just a bar of chocolate while meeting her is enough to sweep her off her feet. And it is the truest expression of love. 

  • Take her out 

Take her out now and then whether she requests you to or not. Weekends, surprise visits at workplaces are very romantic and heart winning for women. Going to places that you have been to before rejuvenates memories and helps you bring up memories from the past to have a happy laughter filled time. 

  • Find peace in fights

If you are fighting about something it means you too are ready to find common grounds and still have the curiosity to sort things out. On the other hand, if either of you decides to let go and not put up a fight to solve the issue it is probable that you are losing interest in the heartfelt relationship. 

  • Talk, don’t fight 

When conversations can do things, fights can’t, go to the other edge every time. It is also a fact that the person in front of you is more likely to hear your story when you are ready to deliver it with patience. Sit and talk with food and drinks with a civil atmosphere and your question will dissolve before you know it. Make it a rule to not go to bed angry and you will have a fight that lasts even for 25 hrs. 

  • Do little things

Bringing flowers, getting groceries, opening the door for your girl are some things that she will appreciate more than you’ll ever be able to evaluate. Things like giving her a bite from your plate or buying the ice cream when she is upset are more filled with gestures than we can imagine. 

  • Make her feel pretty

No matter what your girl looks like in line with the conventional thoughts of society, always make her feel pretty and respectful. Respect her ambition and praise her every day for all the strength and courage she shows. 

You will also note that she will be equally appreciative of this and will give all the love back to you adding more sweetness to it.