How to Shop from Taobao?

You may have possibly heard of Taobao. It is an eCommerce website which has been serving a lot of people needs with highly competitive rates. But, it comes with one downside and i.e. all the content is in Chinese language. Hence, those don’t know the language going for shopping on Taobao could be really troublesome. Thus, people take support of their literate Chinese friends but it sweeps away the independence and fun of internet shopping.

Online shoppers benefit a lot by purchasing from Taobao due to the high competition amongst the sellers. The online portal has millions of products and services enlisted online. Due to such a severe competition, sellers have less leverage on their price. Thus, you can purchase dirt-cheap items at extremely low rates. Though internet has brought global market so close, but Taobao being a 100% Chinese website gets a difficult for international customers to shop on their platform.

So, if you are not from China or you don’t know Chinese, then you may seek help of Google Translate to translate Chinese to English or any other language. You can install Google Translate extension to Google Chrome. So, all you need to do is open and tap on “Translate” button present at the top. And, then it gets much easier to shop around on Taobao English site and find the best deals for you. Take a look at the steps needed to start your shopping at Taobao

  1. Register and login: Once you register with your phone number, you will get a verification code through SMS to submit your registration. It makes you an official Taobao account holder.
  2. Browse and start shopping: You can scroll through the inventory and commence your shopping. You can check out the categories in the drop down menu. 
  3. Check out the images of the product you want to purchase from different angles. Then compare the seller prices from the others to find the best deal for you.
  4. Check the products after shopping: After you have done shopping, check out the cart and proceed for checkout. The procedure is same as any other e-commerce site.
  5. Mention your shipping address: Mention your shipping address on the account management page and then proceed for payment.
  6. Confirm your address and choose the shipping options: The different shipping options are direct shipping and global consolidate shipping. 
  7. Proceed for payment: Now put in your banking information. Create a password for Alipay account. 
  8. Finally, the item will reach to you as per the stated time.

Tips to keep in mind when shopping from Taobao

  1. Always shop within the budget you have planned. Allocate a limit and keep checking your cart as you shop and stop once you have reached the limit.
  2. Consolidate your shopping: It is better to choose the consolidated shipping method to save more on shipping fees, when you are purchasing from two or more sellers.
  3. Compare the prices: Often sellers selling same product put up different prices. So, browse and compare prices so that you can get the best deal from a trusted seller.

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